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Darkane - Demonic Art (CD)

Demonic Art
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 23 October 2008, 11:52 AM

DARKANE is probably known to most of you, since they have managed to become known right from their second full-length album Insanity (2001). Back then, the band had managed to sign a contract with probably the biggest Metal label Nuclear Blast Records and have a kickass promotion. How is this band doing 7 years later?

The Swedish metallers have released two more full-length albums since then, Expanding Senses (2002) and Layer Of Lies (2005), both through Nuclear Blast. Since their last album, I had no news regarding this band, but the Swedish act seems to be making a new start since they signed with the ever growing German label Massacre Records to release their brand new album entitled Demonic Art.

The thing about these guys is that they started as a 'classic' NWOSDM band and I was never amazed by their music, since this kind of music was (and is) kind of boring. Surprisingly as time went by, DARKANE started featuring more and more Thrash Metal elements in their music, and I can say that their new album is a great sample of Swedish melodic Thrash Metal with only a few NWOSDM elements left in the mixture. The band managed to leave the IN FLAMES/SOILWORK 'custody' and now shares more similarities with bands like CARNAL FORGE and THE HAUNTED.

For one more time, the band's sound is crystal clear, something that gives the album the push it really needs to sound deadly. One more thing that has changed during these three years of silence, is that DARKANE have a brand new singer. Jens Broman is probably already known to you from his participation in bands like CONSTRUCDEAD and THE DEFACED. So, what are you waiting for? Do you need more proof to go and check them out? I guess when the relentless drumming with the shredding poisonous guitars melts your face you will have more than enough…

Thumbs up for Broman's vocal performance, since this guy is a really great and talented singer!

3 Star Rating

Variations Of An Eyerush
Leaving Existence
Demonic Art
Impetious Constant Chaos
Soul Survivor
The Killing Of I
Wrong Grave
Still In Progress
Wrath Connection (bonus track)
Jens Broman - Vocals
Christofer Malmstrom - Guitar
Klas Ideberg - Guitar
Jorgen Lofberg - Bass
Peter Wildoer - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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