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Darkcell - Darkcell

by Louise Brown at 22 May 2019, 3:08 PM

DARKCELL formed in Australia during 2010. Their self-titled album "Darkcell" is their latest release.

The album begins with "La Chambre Des Cauchemars" which is a brief track featuring some shrill audio samples intermixed with an eerie synthesizer track. While it definitely got my attention I'm glad it was short because it didn't do much for me. I don't think it's necessary to set a "tone" for your album if you've written your songs effectively. "The Great Big Nothing" begins loudly, too, but in a much more pleasant manner with plenty of guitar riffs and bass to balance the synth backing track. The vocals are raw and strident, fluctuating between Screamo  and Death Metal. There is a great deal of Techo influence within the song as well; fair warning to those who do not care for that style of music because it's noticeable throughout the entire album. While I like the song I must be honest about it; it's very much Nu Metal so, again, if you're not into that style of music then you won't enjoy this song. It's much the same with "Reign Of The Monsters" which featured a sound quite similar to songs I've heard by AVENGED SEVENFOLD. Not that there is anything wrong with that. While it's not my particular choice in genres the song does have all right elements for that style of Metal. It's hyperactive in spirit and extremely youth-oriented in tone. I am not too moved at all by "Burn The Witches".  It features far too many audio samples which overwhelms the rest of the song. I found it so annoying that I finally skipped the last third of it. I understand that such samples can enhance a song when used in the right amount, but it is overkill in this case.

 By now you're probably wondering if I like any of the album. Actually, I do. "Scars & Stripes" features a much heavier-sounding intro that leads into a composition which reminds me a lot of MINISTRY'S music given its chaotic nature. It's loud, somewhat disorganized, yet seriously enjoyable to listen to. I feel like the metal band I'd been expecting has finally arrived. "Godless" also appeals to me because of its darker nature and slightly more brutal sound. The vocals are especially great because they sound deeper, angrier and far more convincing on this song. The percussion and bass-line are excellent as well and the lighter touch with regard to the audio samples also marks a significant improvement. "Carnevil" also surprises me because I don't like it at first. But the guitar riffs are great, brutal and to-the-point, and the beat is particularly terrific, too. I am happy to say by the time the songs ends I'm discovering I'm pretty fond of it after all. The biggest surprise for me is "Midnite" which is another song I initially did not care for. It features a variety of sounds and music which sound a bit like NINE INCH NAILS when they were starting out. I honestly did not like the song… but I did. It is so different that I can't stop listening to it because I want to understand just what is going on with it. There is some quality there that keeps you glued to it no matter how much you want to resist. The more I hear of it the more I enjoy it. That is a pretty good indication of some serious talent when you can win over a self-admitted cynical Metal snob like me.

Even if you are older like I am and find yourself not exactly impressed with music that sounds like Nu Metal you should consider getting this album. It has a style to it that is sort of different from other bands which might sound similar. I think there's a good chance it will grow on you if you give it a fair chance. Take the risk, expand your horizons a little; get the album.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

  1. La Chambre Des Cauchemars
  2. The Great Big Nothing
  3. Reign Of The Monsters
  4. Burn The Witches
  5. Scars & Stripes
  6. Godless
  7. Night Rider
  8. Carnevil
  9. Hail To The Freaks
  10. Sold My Soul
  11. Midnite

Jesse Dracman-  Vocals
Postmortem Matt-  Guitar
Rit Derelict-  Bass
Jay Macabre- Drums

Record Label: darkTunes Music Group


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