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Darker Half - Never Surrender Award winner

Darker Half
Never Surrender
by Dan Mailer at 11 July 2014, 5:25 AM

DARKER HALF have gigged plenty all around the globe, with epic support slots from NIGHTWISH through to TIM ‘RIPPER’ OWENS and headline tours solidifying their reputation as a stellar live act. With their second album “Never Surrender” the band continues to build its legacy up with a superb sound and style.

Opening up with “Nemesis” is a great choice. The song offers plenty of twists and turns, with dynamic song writing filling a relatively short amount of time for a metal track at just under five minutes, from heavy almost THRASH riffage to POWER METAL style choruses, this is a really well-constructed song, with some fantastic vocals and a great chorus that has an almost TONY MARTIN vibe. “Never Surrender” follows this up with another really powerful chorus, some fantastic guitar playing and a really powerful rhythm section pounding away underneath.

“End Of The Line” was recently released as a music video, and it’s easy to see why, the song works really well for that sort of thing, with a nice dramatic intro riffage, with some real nice guitar playing once again with some great layered vocals in the chorus. This is another song with plenty to offer, showing the band don’t just give it their all for the first track, they keep on banging out the awesome tracks throughout!

From darker tracks like “Stranger” which has a great sense of groove to it with some cool guitar sounds too, to more technical and speedy tracks like “Lost in Space” which has some cool guitar harmonies and powerful vocal lines too, this album really is chock-full of great stuff with great choruses throughout, supported by fantastic musicianship all around. Of course there is a great longer track, “As Darkness Fades” which builds up fantastically to start off with. Then it heads into some great moments, with a nice heavy overall sound and again lots of dynamics to keep it interesting, maintaining a great “epic” feel throughout, with yet more great vocals that shine throughout but don’t detract from the rest of the music.

“Anthem For Doomed Youth” finishes up the album. This is another belter to keep fans wanting to listen again, with yet greater song writing and some more cool vocals to close the album in style.

The production on the album is really good, plenty loud enough, and everything is nice and audible, with a nice powerful drum sound supported by deep bass guitar and some clear yet plenty heavy sounding guitars. The vocals are really well recorded and mixed I found, with some great moments! There are also some bits of keyboard in there and this is well executed too.

“Never Surrender” is definitely one to check out for fans of ROCK and METAL. I can’t say it enough but these guys know how to write a good song, and support that with top-notch musicianship and style.

5 Star Rating

1. Nemesis
2. Never Surrender
3. End Of The Line
4. Stranger
5. As Darkness Fades
6. Duality
7. Blinded By Darkness
8. Lost In Space
9. Heads Are Gonna Roll
10. Anthem For Doomed Youth
Steve 'Vo' Simpson –Vocals, Guitar
Brad Dickson - Guitar
Simon Hamilton – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dominic Simpson – Drums, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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