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Darkfall - At The End Of Times

At The End Of Times
by Tina Webber at 10 November 2017, 6:49 PM

Shredding since 1995 from Austria, DARKFALL released a new album titled “At The End Of Times” and was released on September 8th 2017. DARKFALL is categorized as Thrashed Death Metal.  Fans of AMON AMARTH, HYPOCRISY AND BLOODBATH may like the independent musical roots of DARKFALL.  Or not.

At The End Of Times” offers ten tracks totaling about fifty-five long minutes. Unfortunately, “At The End Of Times” may suggest just that for DARKFALL. They will protest and say it is a new era incorporating different elements into their music. This album is disappointing because it starts off promising, but the more I listened to the album, I found myself cringing a bit. Not that it’s a terrible album, but it isn’t great either. The problem is that it is dull and boring like a carrot. The music is decent but lacks variation; the vocals have great demonic potential but the production absolutely ruins this album. It is incoherent and jagged. Nothing seems to fit. I have read that others have liked the artwork for this album but I have to disagree. Again, it is bland and not all that interesting. Overall, it is frustrating to say the least.

The album starts off with the released single, “Ride Through The Sky”; the track begins with an intriguing piano melody that sounds promising and gradually builds up for the brutal moment. You’ll hear blasting drums, epic riffs and harsh vocals, as you would hear from AMON AMARTH and this is one of the stronger tracks of the album. I enjoyed the third track, “The Way Of Victory” because it reminded me a lot of the old ARCH ENEMY at first, but it falls flat. And then I found myself frustrated again. “Land Of Return MMXVII” is a revitalized track, which was originally seen on their EP album back in 2001. Then there are the tracks, “Deathcult Debauchery” and “Ash Nazg - One Ring” that give you the good feels. The feels you would get from HYPOCRISY and BLOODBATH. And for twelve minutes, you get a little glimmer of hope on this album.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Memorability: 6
Production:  5

2 Star Rating

1. Ride Through The Sky
2. The Breed Of Death
3. The Way Of Victory
4. Deathcult Debauchery
5. Ashes Of Dead Gods
6. Your God Is Dead
7. Blutgott
8. Welcome The Day You Die
9. Ash Nazg - One Ring
10. Land Of No Return MMXVII
Thomas Spiwak - Vocals
Stephan Stockreiter - Guitar
Sascha Ulm - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Markus Seethaler - Bass
Thomas Kern - Drums
Record Label: Black Sunset


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