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Darkthrone – Old Star Award winner

Old Star
by Jorge Zamudio at 25 June 2019, 6:58 PM

DARKTHRONE Holy DARKTHRONE. They're back, better than ever, and with only 6 songs they have came to reclaim their throne, and defiantly at that. I think they have gone a path similar to BATHORY’s. Not necessarily musically, but in the way of experimentation, and in making each album different from the rest, with true identity for every release. This time is no exception as “Old Star” has its own unique marquee. "Old Star" is basically set the mood of punk metal, with mostly “fast” moments, but mid-tempo isn't out of the question either. This allows DARKTHRONE to create a more atmospheric aura, without losing their rage and rawness of previous years.

“I Muffle Your Inner Choir” is fast, punkish and definitely catchy, and showcases that  raspberry voice from hell, that is as strong as it was in the 80’s but now has a better production backing it up. The lyrics are amazing and give you the inner force to continue through the darkest of days, with their dark words. “The Hardship of the Scots” is hypnotic; slow but straight forward, with fast chord changes, but always maintaining that slow driving tempo. The lyrics here are done in the most nihilistic way, getting slowly into your mind and staying there.

“Old Star” is super catchy, and the drums here are remarkable, with mid-paced rhythms done impeccably. They  go along great with the vocals, and then once again, there is this atmospheric aura that I mentioned. Ultimately as the minutes pass you get caught up deeper in this aura, and for better or the worse, you end up immersing yourself in it. “Alp Man” probably has the most 80’s “feel” of DARKTHRONE's history. I had previously mentioned ala the vocals this in the first song, but this one digs very hard overall on the spirit of that decade. The rhythms and atmosphere remain the same, and obviously, they're very good, I even pick up a CELTIC FROST vibe here.

“Duke of Gloat” is back to the “fast” pace again. Without question, Lemmy would have loved  this. Raspy ,yet forceful vocals, amazing riffs, superb basslines, spectacular drums, and of course, you've just got to love this lyric: …Brave Beating Hearts… “The Key Is inside the Wall” is the final song. This song probably captures the whole album in a nutshell. Raw moments, fast moments and dark atmospheres.It's a really, really good album, and one that every fan should have. Let be known, if you were not already on the path of DARKTHRONE, before listening to “Old Star”, you absolutely will be after hearing it.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. I Muffle Your Inner Choir
2. The Hardship Of The Scots
3. Old Star
4. Alp Man
5. Duke Of Gloat
6. The Key Is Inside The Wall
Gylve Fenris "More Claypool" Nagell - Drums, Songwriting, Lyrics
Nocturno Culto  - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Songwriting, Lyrics
Record Label: Peaceville Records


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