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Dautha - Brethren of the Black Soil

Brethren of the Black Soil
by Eric Tinmouth-Poulin at 20 March 2018, 6:18 AM

DAUTHA are a doom metal band, based out of Norrkoping, Sweden, this is their debut album entitled: “Brethren of the Black Soil”, released on the Ván Records label and recorded at Studio Hufvudstaden between the 19th of June and the 3rd of September 2017, engineered and mixed by Kristian Karlsson (CULT OF LUNA, P.G.LOST). The album contains 6 tracks and clocks in at 57:32. The opening track “Hodie Mihi, Cras Tibi”, has some nice crunchy riffs, latin-flavored lyrics and some very rich and harmonious vocals from Lars Palmqvist, who sounds like a cross between Messiah Marcolin (of CANDLEMASS fame) and Blaze Bayley. Some passages are reminiscent of PARADISE LOST. A very strong opener.

Brethren of the Black Soil”, follows as the title track and the longest piece of music found herein, has a funeral doom introduction, some melodious strings from Åsa Eriksson-Wärnberg and quite the amorphis of lovely choirs and prophetic sermons. “Maximinus Thrax”, is a much faster pounder, filled with melodies, beautiful harmonies (especially in the vocals that are akin to classic CANDLEMASS). It has a very strong bridge and a catchy EINHERJER-like chorus with epic horns in its conclusion. Definitely one of my favorite tracks. “The Children’s Crusade” has some lovely echoing acoustic guitars, accompanied by church-like choirs, which at times are exponentially present. A nice touch when it is mixed with the ringing guitars. It is a song about faith, and it is very prophetic in its vocal style, but also with its grindy bass tones and graceful solos. The heaviest riffs of the album take center stage as well.

In Between Two Floods”, opens immediately with vocals , filled with passion and emotion. This is a plea to block out fear and ignore the potential wrath of god. The strings are well used here and add a nice layer of despair and grief, especially when faced with impending death (a word often repeated here). “Bogbodies”, the closing track has pounding drums and clap noises, slow grinding distortion and much lower vocals this time around. There is a Viking feel to this one, and it is a very tenebrous one where it seems like we trapped in a very dark cavern or a haunted forest surrounded by owls. Overall, this is a great album filled with many Swedish doom influences but they also care their own path of hope, despair and grief. This is a band to keep on your radar, all you SORCERER, CANDLEMASS and SOLITUDE AETURNUS fans.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Hodie Mihi, Cras Tibi
2. Brethren of the Black Soil
3. Maximinus Thrax
4. The Children's Crusade
5. In Between Two Floods
6. Bogbodies
Ola Blomkvist – Guitar/Lyrics
Erik Öquist - Guitar
Lars Palmqvist - Vocals
Emil Åström - Bass
Micael Zetterberg - Drums
Record Label: Van Records


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