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Dave Burn - Nothing Is As It Seems Award winner

Dave Burn
Nothing Is As It Seems
by Craig Rider at 22 August 2021, 10:30 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DAVE BURN; hailing from England - performing Hard Rock, on their 15th Studio Album entitled: “Nothing Is As It Seems” (released 1st of June, 2021).

Since formation in 1999; Dave Burn has been involved with numerous projects that stems from a staggering 24 album career milestone, ranging from a mighty 17 solo album career; 3 with this UFO tribute band called UUFO, 2 records with NOBODY’S FOOL & 2 with the late Paul Raymond (Rest In Peace) (UFO, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUPWAYSTED & CHICKEN SHACK). I’m introduced to his 17th solo record entitled: “Nothing Is As It Seems”. 12 tracks ranging at around over an hour and 10 minutes… DAVE BURN arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Hard Rock developments.

Opening up with this punchy kick of a riff “Right Of Passage” piledrives with this meaty hook in which romps with rampantly rollicking remedy, Dave Burn himself surges with riveting harmonies amongst a high-pitched vocal arrangement in which yells with throaty soars & screaming potency. The multitasking soloist excels at a clean calamity in fluidly polished melody, where the guitars angelically strife with strong virtuosity where vibrantly potent rhythms strike with progressive harmony and groovy elegance. A hybrid intensity in experimental masterclass revolves around a neat trailblaze on skyrocketing punchiness while “Darkest Hour” elements at a solemn yet graceful and anthemic hymn with sublime strings that tones down a little bit for a ballad-esque flavour until more of those jumpy rifts shred with melancholic verve while killer frets lacerate with technical foundations in borderline catchiness, dynamically dexterous distinctions and flamboyantly distinguished firepower expertise that will motivate your soul in no time.

Into The Light” is another conceptual piece of majestically mesmerising versatility where vehemently sulfurous acoustics craft a euphonic but mellow & soulful transition which pumps out beefy grinds in between the mythical substance on organically musical enrichments. Dave Burn illustriously captivates eardrums with quintessential solidities which is most impressive as he conducts all this all by himself - mostly. “Labyrinth” is another conundrum on power-pop finesse as solos upon solos thumps out with audibly infectious injections on rambunctiously moving enthusiasm as neoclassical juxtapositions showcase eloquent but poetic singsong attributes as an immersively weighty pulse on musical trance that manifests with soothing tones within this sophisticated songwriting structure through this prodigiously prestigious archetype of blues meets metal and hard rock proficiencies where note on note always examines on searching for that perfect tonality brilliantly.

The next but first instrumental: “Hit The Ground Running” has a funky boundary on virtuosic licks while offering pristine layers of complex but creative grandeur which revel with panache, towering musicianship and inventive skill. “Before You Cry” takes things back down a notch with more solitary sounds while distributing an enticing slab of some symphonic systematics while merging some rocking revs to boot. “Made Of Stone” is an encapsulating enrapture where this returning riffage articulates at a primitive overture while Lee Small comes into the fray with his impeccable chords while unearthing otherworldly spellbinds of stunning musicianship equalities - an adhering track that would be a good choice for a single. “Passing Time” screams with upbeat patterns, soaring tempos & underlying vigour followed by fervent singing mobility which rigorously wonders with spirited maelstrom prowess which will rock your world elegantly.

A faster pace within “Kick You Upside Down” supplies raucous tempos while this welcoming release of noise brings forth a refreshing slice of belting clobbering while still retaining those aforementioned characteristics as desired. “Always” has a radio-friendly rendition on commercial intrigue as a lighter medley throttles with a heavier dulcet for good measure while this harmonious approach haralds with methodical unravelments. “Understand” opens up with a galloping chug that frolics with magical guitar flourishments as well as instrumental perfection on all fronts, as everyone involved enthrals eardrums with sharp vocals & piercing suave  that stylishly swifts with rapidly nimble artistry.

Overall concluding “Nothing Is As It Seems” with the finale epic “Boat To Samarkand”; the second instrumental and fitting end for an album of this caliber, come to think of it… it’s one of those records that has such a feel-good sensation to it that you can totally unwind to after a long day’s work and just get lost into this world of hypnotizing but fascinating bliss of musical magnetism. Superb on all fronts and an immensely enjoyable experience in which most surely deserves listening to, spinning & replaying a good handful of times. It is rather remarkable that just two of these well established musicians are full of this much faultless talent that for this reason alone makes this recording worth jamming. A discovery worth checking it out!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Right Of Passage
2. Darkest Hour
3. Into The Light
4. Labyrinth
5. Hit The Ground Running
6. Before You Cry
7. Made Of Stone
8. Passing Time
9. Kick You Upside Down
10. Always
11. Understand
12. Boat To Samarkand
Dave Burn - Music/Lyrics/Guitars/Bass/Drum Prog/Keys
Lee Small (Engineer) / Dave Burn (Producer) Additional Lyrics/Vocal Melodies/Keys and Strings on Darkest Hour
Jon Astley - Master
Tristan Greatrex - Artwork
Record Label: Independent


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