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Davey Suicide - Made from Fire

Davey Suicide
Made from Fire
by Sooraj Ram at 14 August 2017, 10:17 AM

Industrial Metal is among one of the most mislabeled genres in the Metal community. It all started with a misinterpretation claiming that Marilyn Manson is an Industrial metal outfit, which is not at all legit. Marilyn Manson is more Alternative Metal leaning towards Radio Rock, however Industrial Metal does exist. Bands like GODFLESH, KFMDM, and many other obscure bands are keeping the genre alive. Another instance for a wannabe Industrial act is DAVEY SUICIDE. This Nu Metal infused Rock band released their latest album, “Made From Fire” in 2017. After a couple of quick listens it is clear that their stylistic background is pretty much similar to that of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. In addition, the typical Heavy Metal guitar riffs the band blends some Punk Elements to make songs more complex and catchy. One can get a strong COMBICHRIST vibes when midi beats and synth notes are integrated onto the transition and chorus parts of the song.

The songs are pretty much laid back and lyrically it revolves around something about anti-system revolution just like their role model Marilyn Manson did with “Anti-Christ Revolution.”  Just to make things clear, this album will surely disappoint you-If you expect some heavy and complex elements…but will amaze you if you enjoy the new generation of Metal abnds such as MOTIONLESS IN WHITE and other wannabe tough guy acts. Fourteen tracks are pretty much a lot for an album; with the first half of the tracks serving as Heavy Metal anthems. Songs like “Rise Above, Torture me and Too Many Freaks” being the only good ones.  “Torture Me” has a killer chorus but lacks originality and complexity. Most of the guitar riffs are layered and saturated so that one doesn't get much satisfaction from the instrumentation.  “Too Many Freaks” is actually the best song compared to the other ones on this record. Featuring Twiztid, the song has an insane amount of energy with a childish lyricism.  “There is too Many Freaks but not enough circuses” sounds cheesy and fails to deliver a punch. But alas Twiztid saves the day with his rhyming rap verses which will surely get you going.

DAVEY SUICIDE have to work hard to make an impact on a listener as the songs lack originality. It is definitely for the fans of WEDNESDAY 13, STATIC X, and MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, but fails to keep the newer listeners hooked to their music. I do see some creativity in them as they tried to incorporate electronica into Hard Rock, which requires more attention, as some songs fall apart while doing this experimentation. In my opinion this album is a hit or miss as some of the tracks are boring whereas some are energetic. Nothing much else to say…instead I hoping for more complex stuff from these young musicians in the near future.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 4
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Intro / Resurrection
2. Rise Above
3. Dancing with the Reaper
4. No Angel
5. Too Many Freaks (ft. Twiztid)
6. Torture Me
7. Anti-System Revolution
8. Paralyzed (ft. William Control)
9. No Place Like Hell
10. Devil's Night
11. Take the Pain Away
12. The Chemical in You
13. Made from Fire
14. End of the War
Davey Suicide - Vocals
Drayven Davidson - Drums
Needlz - Keyboard and Programming
Niko Gemini - Bass
Derek Obscura - Guitar
Record Label: Tristol Music Group


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