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Davey Suicide - World Wide Suicide Award winner

Davey Suicide
World Wide Suicide
by Daniel Fox at 01 November 2014, 2:36 AM

American Industrial rock icon Davey Suicide is making quite the name for himself, bringing together an equally eclectic bunch of musicians for a solo outfit under his namesake. Truth be told, my initial expectations weren’t very high; this kind Shock Rock outfit has been tried again, again and again, to often mediocre and, ironically, bland effect. But alas, Davey stands a testament to the lesson that one should never judge a band by their eye-liner.

This act is anything but bland; sure, the ZOMBIE and MANSON vibes are everywhere, you may as well also chuck in a few sensibilities you might hear in underground Goth bars. However, through in some crunchy, crushing grooves and ingenious vocal chord manipulation, and you have a world-class ‘Shocker’ band. “Dirty Rotten Filthy Rich” brings me back immediately to alternative Hard Rock act HINDER, with forceful and emotive vocals, layered over heavy, thumping guitar riffs, with a numbing, hypnotic, if not anthemic pace to the delivery. The musicianship is stellar, one of the many tracks on the album that brings out decent, metallic guitar solos; not something I often hear in the otherwise-homogenised, riff-oriented American Rock scene.

More stellar musicianship is heard in “The Hole is Where the Heart is”; kept at a groovy, sludgy Blues pace, with booming, memorable choruses, and synth arrangements, which brings me onto my favourite track on the album, “The Devil Inside”. Beginning with melodic, Modern Metal sensibilities that one might find on the likes of SONIC SYNDICATE or THE UNGUIDED, this is about as ‘Metal’ as the album gets, with the riffs bumped up to new levels of aggressive and heavy, layered with masterful guitar soloing. “Only Human”, we might likely come to a general consensus that that is the album’s ‘radio single’; an aurally-pleasing mix of heavy, catchy, emotive and hypnotic. Interestingly enough, it’s actually pretty damn good, perhaps holding the album’s best chorus. Terrific song-writing, even given its more commercial sensibilities.

Completely out of my comfort zone, I actually thoroughly enjoyed this album; there’s definitely something on here for everyone.

4 Star Rating

1. Your Honor the Asshole
2. Dirty Rotten Filthy Rich
3. Kamikaze Culture Shock
4. World Wide Suicide
5. Until we’re Dead
6. The Hole is Where the Heart is
7. The Devil Inside
8. Only Human
9. Underdosed
10. Nothing is Sacred
11. Imperfect
Davey Suicide - Vocals
Needlz - The Audio Terrorist/Keyboards
Drayven Davidson - Drums
Brent Ashley - Bass
Mikey 13 – Guitar
Record Label: Standby Records


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