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Dawn of Ashes - The Crypt Injection II (Non Serviam) Award winner

Dawn of Ashes
The Crypt Injection II (Non Serviam)
by Kayla Hutton at 05 February 2019, 6:43 AM

L.A.'s DAWN OF ASHES is back on the scene and releasing their 10th album "The Crypt Injection II (Non-Servian)" via Metropolis Records on January 18th, 2019. Remembering back in 2005-ish, and at the time signed to Noitekk, these guys delivered a dark, electronic, horroresque sound that pushed the boundaries of industrial. Not limiting themselves to the clanks of large metal drums and keyboards, DAWN OF ASHES incorporated influences from black metal and had a creatively theatrical stage presence. Later on, they dropped the electronics and "industrial" tag and changed musical directions. They became just a metal band, or so I had heard. I came to find that they pursued a black metal style, then returned to industrial and changed band members like underwear before finally disbanding.

I admit I was cautious, but still, curiosity got the better of me. Seeing that "The Crypt Injection II (Non-Servian)" was being released by Metropolis (an industrial label) gave me a glimmer of hope as far as what to expect. Thankfully, DAWN OF ASHES has returned to what they do best. Dark, aggressive, aggrotech, industrial. Sounding like a cousin of PSYCLON NINE with a lower vocal pitch this album will not disappoint the older fans of DAWN OF ASHES or those who also enjoy SUICIDE COMMANDO, TACTICAL SEKT, or HOCICO. Speaking of, might I add that "The Crypt Injection II (Non-Servian)" features appearances by Johan Van Roy of SUICIDE COMMANDO, a remix from HOCICO and Chris Vrenna(NIN, MARILYN MANSON). If you head over to their Bandcamp page you will find more remixes done by such artists as C-LEKKTOR and SHIV-R.

"Reborn In Fire" begins with a killer drum intro and then slams into kick drum rolls that slide into a combustion chamber ignited by a metal scream saturated in typical industrial distortion. The melodic overlay of synth work is precise and abrupt, carrying a sound trademarked by GRENDEL and SUICIDE COMMANDO"The Serpents of Eden" justify the use of samples sounding like it is coming through an old tv cutting through interfering static and then amplified in an old warehouse. Pulsating rhythms are portrayed by layers of horror movie killing scenes. Providing both eerily haunting melodic pads and dirty synth stabs with real-time dynamics shared with detuned guitar chugs and blast beats abruptly halted with cymbal grabs. There is even a part that carries on like the chorus music to MINISTRY's "Just One Fix".

"Spirit of Anger" utilizes a murky and grotesque yawn sound resonating through the mouth of a jaw slowly continuing to widen beyond any and all capable limits. This track is nothing short of an anthem to yield the celebration of destruction. The organic growls in the chorus line are typical as they sound as if done through a megaphone before returning to higher pitched screams. The midsection keys play like a trying melody of meeting your maker at the gates. A soundtrack to your life of violence and sin.
I must advise do not feed the stereotype, DAWN OF ASHES isn't some nerd with a keyboard screaming over distorted electronics. If ever you have thought what lay beyond the realm of metal, but still want your taste for all things brutal and dark applied, DAWN OF ASHES packs a perfect mix that results in an aggressive onslaught that is sure to be appealing to you. A more extreme and very metal approach to industrial. Welcome back DAWN OF ASHES.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Thirteen Chants To Lilith
2. Reborn In Fire
3. The Serpents Of Eden
4. Ahriman
5. Slaves To The Addiction
6. Sitra Ahra
7. The Spirit Of Anger
8. Hexcraft (Featuring Johan Van Roy)
9. Abuse The Abuser
10. Non Serviam
11. Entering The Realm Of Shadows
12. Ahriman (Hocico Remix)
13. Slaves To The Addiction (Chris Vrenna Remix)
Kristof Bathory - Vocals, Keyboards
Bahemoth - Keyboards
Angel Dies - Bass
Brandon "Rage" Richter - Drums
Record Label: Metropolis Records


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