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Dawn Of Extinction – From Tears To Vengeance

Dawn Of Extinction
From Tears To Vengeance
by Thomas Kumke at 27 March 2023, 5:37 AM

DAWN OF EXTINCTION were formed in 2013 and they are from Valencia, Spain. They play a mixture of melodic Death Metal and Metalcore and after releasing their debut full-length album in 2016, they now released their second EP. “From Tears To Vengeance” was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex DeMarjal, and it has a length of almost 30 minutes. The album was released via Spanish label Art Gates Records, which has a lot of melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal, and Metalcore bands among their current roster.

The second EP of the Spanish Metal band starts fast and dynamic. “Beyond The Fear” is a classical Metalcore track with powerful riffing and drumming during the verse parts, and catchy melodic features during the chorus parts. The vocals are split into ferocious growls at around the medium end of the guttural range during the verse parts and clean vocals for the chorus. The drumming is comprehensive throughout with double-bass drumming included where needed. The lead guitars are very contributing and highlight of the track is the extended lead guitar solo. The clean vocals are probably the weak part of the track as they miss power and are not distinctive enough. “Rise From Oblivion” has a fast start with plenty of melodic Death Metal features. The melodies are catchy throughout and parts of the song remind me a bit on IN FLAMES. There is a constant switch between the more aggressive parts with the growls and the more melancholic parts with the clean vocals. Again, the clean vocals cannot keep up with the rest of the track. The song textures are quite complex with a lot of twists in rhythm and the melodic framework. “Rise From Oblivion” is the official video release, and the YouTube link is given below.

The Monster Inside” has a start at a measured tempo with epic melodies, but transitions quickly into a track with frantic pace. The riffing is sharp, and the basslines are crushing. The chorus parts are driven by the clean vocals embedded into a melancholic melodic framework. Without the inclusion of clean vocal parts, the track would have been a classy melodeath track as it has all the ingredients: the riffing, the melodies, and the lead guitar parts and solos. “Underrated” has a fast start with direct and aggressive riffing and then transitions into mid-tempo. There is a constant back and forth between faster and mid-tempo parts. The melodies sound a bit similar compared to the other tracks on the EP, however, what sticks out is the lead guitar solo which is surely the highlight of the track.

Haters” starts direct and aggressive with thunderous riffing and insane pace. It is a very different track and includes a few Hardcore vibes for the chorus. The break maintains the aggression of the track and the lead guitar solo is kept short and simple. “Haters” is the much-needed sound change and one of the best songs on the EP. The EP finishes with the title song, and it starts slow at a measured pace. “From Tears To Vengeance” goes back to the well-tried sound at mid-tempo with the split between the growls-driven verse parts and the cleans-driven chorus parts. The melodies are melancholic most of the time and the track finishes with epic lead guitar melodies followed by an acoustic guitar finale.

DAWN OF EXTINCTION deliver an EP with lights and shadows. “From Tears To Vengeance” is a mixture of melodic Death Metal and melodic Metalcore. The EP is driven by a dynamic sound, great guitar riffing and lead guitars. The melodies are often melancholic and there are a lot of similarities between the songs with one exception. The vocals are the weaker part of the EP. The growls did not have a lot of variety and were monotone at times while the clean vocals were uncharismatic. The EP is well produced. “From Tears To Vengeance” will have its fans and those who love a combination of melodeath and Metalcore will surely dig the new release of DAWN OF EXTINCTION.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Beyond The Fear
2. Rise From Oblivion
3. The Monster Inside
4. Underrated
5. Haters
6. From Tears To Vengeance
Cristian Juarez – Vocals, Guitars
Daniel Juarez – Guitars, Vocals
Alexis Galvez – Drums
Marcos Morales – Bass, Vocals
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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