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Dawn Of Tyrants - Breeding Ruin

Dawn Of Tyrants
Breeding Ruin
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 May 2017, 10:31 PM

I won’t ask why as it would be rude to question one’s deepest desires to unleash such a thing. However, there is something inside that needs to get some answers. So I ask, why? No reply, maybe later. As an old school fan I can comprehend why a band would want to relive the rawness, such a sensation to go against the current technological methods and stick to a system buried six feet under. Canadian DAWN OF TYRANTS set it in stone, it is going to be evil, tainted, putrid and feverishly against the elements. To commemorate a year of activity, the band issued its first EP, “Breeding Ruin”, a dark message from the far reaches of the underground, where rays of light barely touch the ground.

It is unclear, yet I could only guess, this EP was probably recorded live, without any special mix, needless to say mastering, just put on the shelf as it is, genuine. It reminded me of HELLHAMMER’s 1983’s “Satanic Rites”, yet even the Swiss, which ended up becoming CELTIC FROST, was much cleaner, meaning you could distinguish what went on in the music. There is some special about this release, nevertheless, these aloof aspects are connected more to the courage of the band other than rate of the music. The trio of DAWN OF TYRANTS defied the rules of today’s industry and commemorate their efforts for that. However, even when turning a blind eye into what is going around them, it doesn’t have to sound like a scratched record.

There is murky blending of Black / Death / Doom Metal at is Funeral direction, sorrowful pieces from down below waiting to be heard. I couldn’t find much in this one I am afraid, there are sections where I could notice several points of light, a decent solo here, a nice riff there and acoustic verses. And that is it. “What Can Be Broken… Must Be Broken” and “Fallen Figure of Futility” showed that if produced well, they could have gone into new heights. The remaining songs, even the cover for CELTIC FROST, sounded dull and seemed endless, never to wrap up, somewhat agonizing to bear.

I guess that this band would go on and produce other releases of the same kind, and the only ones that could stop them will be themselves. There is something different in their approach, yet its yield has its limits.


2 Star Rating

1. Some Above, Most Below
2. What Can Be Broken… Must Be Broken
3. Breeding Ruin
4. Fallen Figure of Futility
5. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)  
W.T - Lead Vocals / Bass
W.A - Drums
N.T - Guitar / Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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