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Dawn Of Silence - Wicked Saint Or Righteous Sinner

Dawn Of Silence
Wicked Saint Or Righteous Sinner
by Erika Wallberg at 04 March 2010, 12:03 PM

It's very hard to judge a record fairly when it has the sound and production like the bands you hate but has the songs very similar to the bands you love. I can't say there's anything bad with "Wicked Saint Or Righteous Sinner" but it's not at all interesting either. Overall the record sounds OK and it includes a bunch of catchy songs. DAWN OF SILENCE have a lot of influences in the today's Power Metal scene and the 80's Hard Rock era, especially IRON MAIDEN are mentioned as a source of inspiration. All of this should really fit in my taste completely but when a record is as well produced as this one is, when there are no flosses in the music what so ever, not even a weaker note in any vocal melody or solo it's very hard to believe it's real. Especially from a young new band, if that's the case here I leave uncommented for now. But when bands apply this type of production all personality gets lost and apart from minor details all of them sound the same.

It's just like they've been molded from the same form with just the layout of the package that's individual, and barely even that. That's a bad thing. This isn't unique for DAWN OF SILENCE, there's a lot of bands out there in the same situation. It just feels like a waste of talent when record next to record sounds the same. I guess this is the trend of the last couple of years, Metal has made it into ordinary people's living rooms again, becoming clean and with that very correct, not at all far from the rest of the List-music. Songs are titled with the cliches of ghosts and goblins, heaven and hell, life and death or puns and put together words. DAWN OF SILENCE has all of it. "Release Me (From Myself)", which is my favorite from the album by the way, is a little heavier than the rest. "In Quest For Life", "Crucifire", "Haunted Dreams" passes quite unnoticed while "Shadow Of Guilt" sounds like something that could have fit on one of the excellent LOST HORIZON albums, if it had been a little edgier.

Even if "Wicked Saint Or Righteous Sinner" is a fairly decent record that absolutely will get a great response from a lot of people, perhaps not the die-hard Metal heads but more mainstream people will absolutely like it. It's hard for me to see it as anything more than a fun record. Now I know that DAWN OF SILENCE can deliver Metal with high quality live also else I absolutely would dismiss them as a product who just couldn't decide if they were to copy IRON MAIDEN or IN FLAMES, music is MAIDEN, production is IN FLAMES. Yes, this is a nice album but everything has been heard before, nothing at all is unique about it. Still, I think this will be well received by a lot of people since it fits right in almost everywhere.

2 Star Rating

  1. Chasing A Ghost
  2. Escape The Night
  3. Release Me (From Myself)
  4. In Quest For Life
  5. Cage Of Fear
  6. Crucifire
  7. Away From Heaven
  8. Haunted Dreams
  9. Shadow Of Guilt
  10. Masquerade
Patrik Johansson - Vocals, Guitar
Mats Johansson - Guitar
Pelle Johansson - Bass
Torbjφrn Edqvist - Drums
Record Label: GMR Music


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