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Dawnbreaker - Total Depravity

Total Depravity
by Craig Rider at 11 January 2020, 12:42 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DAWNBREAKER; signed via Vision Of God Records, hailing from the United States of America - in New York City, performing Blackened Death Metal - on the soloist's sophomore release entitled: "Total Depravity" (released September 20th, 2019).

Since formation in 2018; the soloist in question has 2 albums in his discography so far: "Deus Vault" (released May 25th, 2018), and this here sophomoric release entitled: "Total Depravity". 10 tracks ranging at around 42:53; DAWNBREAKER arranges an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Blackened Death Metal developments. "Man Of War" begins the record with an alarming siren; until demonic hellfire scatters the ground into a blistering barrage of amplified adrenaline, boistrously bouncy deadliness & flamboyantly frenzied crunchiness - fabricating gnarly yet quintessential virtuosity that quakes with uniquely vehement versatility. Manifesting monstrously meaty malevolence, meticulous rhythms & savagely sinister perseverance. Adroitly attributing atmospheric, blackened thrash mechanics that subjugate rampaging malice.

Consisting of Cullen Toner who performs on everything; the soloist showcases raspy vocals that scream with throaty snarls while implemented with deep, guttural growls & high-pitched pipes. Lungs that supply an embellishment of organic substance, ragingly venomous spits & tight precision. "Strength Of Passion" experiments with razor-sharp guitar fretwork, injecting a dynamically dexterous dose of infectious haste & rapidly swift nimbleness. Thundering with profusely robust ramifications; fueled harmonies that portray progressively technical melodies, hybrid dimensions & diligently detailed calamities. "Blot Out The Night" creates ambient tension; relentlessly revolved around a hostile audibility of bass thumpiness, pulsating with moody vibes & sometimes melancholic rituals of solid yet out of this world soundscapes.

"Secrets Of Enoch" forges an acoustic intro; advancing into conceptual songwriting musicianship, momentously providing quirky snappiness, rawly rough yet primitive jumpiness while quaking with rambunctious drum hammering in which stomps with potently volatile vibrancy. Making use of melodramatic synth patterns while flowing into a fierce foundation of borderline dungeon-esquire ambiency – punchiness & viciously rich styles. "Waterless Places" captures total ruination; lasting at around 7:06, amalgamating rip-roaring shreds with mellifluous yet eerily haunting elements that are deathly while prestigiously maddening. With mandatory mayhem pursuing eardrums, galloping into a chugging frolick of chaotic finesse – intense immersivity embodies complex instrumentation & fluidly polished tightness.

"The Dark Tower" embellishes on experimental craftsmanship; hardened hymns of ferocious euphony, and more of those hyponotizing components that materializes a sonic spectral of seamlessly symphonic terror - transistioned with riveting remedies that shriek while stampeding with speedy prerequisites. "Exordium" harnesses a grandiose grandure of outrè performances; some spoken-word mesmerizations, steely yet profound panache & remarkably sophisticated solace - sweltering with oozing overarchs of soaring breakneck distinctions. "Radically Corrupt" contrasts a constructive bombardment of bombastic blitzkreig; concretely gritty firepower, and old-school blends of Blackened Death Metal tempos that raises the bar into a wildly rushing state of ruthless pandemonium & uproaring variety.

"Post Tribulation Rapture" is an imaginative 1:40 execution of blast beating havoc, finishing off with a collapse of ahem total depravity. Overall concluding "Total Depravity" with the mind-boggling aura of "Ruins Of Babylon"; DAWNBREAKER excels with opening your mind, as it calms the soul with thought provoking trippyness. Cullen Toner certainly outdone himself here; doing all this solo is an incredible feat, if you are craving a culmination of brisk Black Metal combined with extreme Death Metal gnarliness – this record will break all original expectations with stunning songwriting musicianship & potentially talented professionalism. Metal maniacs alike are summoned to give it a listen at least once, although it is a discovery & experience that is easily replayable as well as rewarding. An enjoyably fulfilling listen!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Man of War
2. Strength of Passion
3. Blot Out the Night
4. Secrets of Enoch
5. Waterless Places
6. The Dark Tower
7. Exordium
8. Radically Corrupt
9. Post Tribulation Rapture
10. Ruins of Babylon
Cullen Toner - Everything
Record Label: Vision Of God Records


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Edited 06 August 2020

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