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Dayshell - Nexus

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 07 May 2017, 8:52 AM

DAYSHELL took formation in Southern California, USA, in 2012. Singer Shayley left his clean vocal duties for the band OF MICE AND MEN and struck out on his own, wanting to create a project with no musical boundaries. The project became DAYSHELL and he calls the genre “Fresh Metal.” “Nexus” is the album presented here, and contains twelve tracks. The descriptor that I received labeled it as “Djent,” but the point here is that genre labeling does not apply. So, let’s get to the music instead.

“Car Sick” nails this point rather early. It’s a short three-minute track that utilizes many techniques to support its sound. The bass guitar thumps loudly and creates a fantastic rhythm, supported by some electronica, and vocals that alternate between clean and fry. There is a great melodic sensibility here as well. “A New Man” hears the sound continue in this vein. Perhaps the bass and drum strikes could be interpreted as a loose form of Djent, but whether it is or not doesn’t matter, because it’s just great music. The opening guitar riff in “Improvise” furthers the point that this trio know how to compose wonderful music. I am throwing caution to the wind in terms of genre boundaries because I just really like what I hear.

“The Weapon” has a tough sound, but with a coy side that teases your senses as well.  The chorus shines brightly here and the vocal performance really stands out. “FTNW” has a heavy bottom end, and is another track where the bass and drums promote a healthy rhythm underneath the harmonies of the vocals. “Master Of Making” has a hard driving sound that dances back and forth between hard and heavy and ambient and airy. If might just be me, but I get a vibe at times of the band INXS. It might be the melody pattern of the vocals combined with some of the rhythms. “Rush Hour” builds with a dreamy and ethereal quality, as the vocals point to a crescendo from the verses towards the choruses. It’s a very accessible song that should be on heavy rotation on radio…just delightful.

“Speaking In Tongues” has some great harmonized vocals and charged instrumentation, with thick, chunky riffs and pounding bass and skins. “Digital Sand” is the closer. The scent is mellow at first, but it will reach out and bite you at moment’s notice. What the album does best is offer you a clean look at music in general and if you allow yourself to be swept away with the melodies you will be in for a treat. “Fresh Metal” couldn’t be a better descriptor for the band and album. Though it is towards the lighter side of the genre at times, it’s ardent and fierce enough to please fans of a harder sound, but melodic and sensible enough to please fans who just want that sweet sublimity. Whatever kind of Rock or Metal fan that you are, this is something that you need to near because I have no doubt that you will enjoy it.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Car Sick
2. A New Man
3. Improvise
4. Low Light
5. The Weapon
7. Spit In The Face
8. Master Of Making
9. Terrified
10. Rush Hour
11. Speaking In Tongues
12. Digital Sand
Shayley Dayshell Bourget
Jordan Wooley
Zack Baker
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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