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Dead Behind the Scenes - White

Dead Behind the Scenes
by MarcusTheRocker at 02 April 2016, 7:09 PM

If there’s one country that is very much hit and miss with its music is Italy. There’s nothing wrong with the music they make, as it can be good, but in terms of their contributions to Rock and Metal, I don’t think I’ve really heard one that’s clicked with me in terms of being good. I know there are Italian musicians in some of my favourite Melodic Rock bands, and they are of course the exceptions, but as for actual Italian Rock and Metal bands that are not in the exception genre, I think I’ve yet to hear one that I can say is a favourite. Anyway, now that the confusion is out of the way, let us get on with the subject of today’s review, which is an Italian Alternative Rock band called DEAD BEHIND THE SCENES.

Hailing from Cassina de’ Pecchi in Italy, this quintet of Alternative Rockers formed in 2010 under the name THE SCREAM, before changing it to the current name in late 2011. The group originally started out as a trio but acquired two additional members later down the line to become the current five-piece it is today. Over the next few years that followed, the group acquired a few different awards including the Stage Alive Band of the Year award in 2012, and later on, the Stage Alive Rock Tour award in 2014. A couple of years and several live shows later, the time came for the group to record their first release and so in December 2015, a five track EP, dubbed the “White EP” was unveiled and it is now available to hear so time now to see what I think of it.

Clocking in at around 19 minutes across 5 songs, the debut EP from DEAD BEHIND THE SCENES instantly makes you wonder what it is you are hearing the moment you start listening to the first song. It’s hard to say really why but you do have to question what was going through the minds of the members as they wrote the music as the end result, is let’s say, laughable.

It’s hard to know where to start here but I guess I’ll start with the name of the first song, “I Love Matt”, which just smells of a song that is over the top cheesy and sure enough that’s what it is. I don’t mind a song that can be silly sometimes, as I enjoy smiling from silly music but there’s a limit between normal silly and borderline over the top silly and that’s what this is as it tries too hard to be a bit too silly resulting in a questionable song with cheesy lyrics, cheesy melodies and average performances and production.

Things don’t get any better from here as the bizarreness factor continues with some truly weird songs. It’s hard to explain them but they sound very unusual with the direction and sound each one takes. It’s good they’re being different with each song but it’s not really been done all that well, as the music, melodies, songwriting, performance, production and just everything as a whole, sounds very off to me leading to some songs that I don’t really see as anything all that special.

Bottom line, the debut EP from DEAD BEHIND THE SCENES is something that I just cannot bring myself to enjoy as much as I would otherwise want to. The overall feel and sound of the melodies is something that although I can sort of see why they steered the music in the direction they did, it’s just something that does not wow me as a whole as everything just sounds very cheap and second rate mediocre resulting in something that’s nothing really special.

Performance - 4
Production - 3
Songwriting - 4
Memorability - 3

2 Star Rating

1. I Love Matt
2. Bulletproof Soulmate
3. No Name Song
4. Sex Rock & Rock N’ Roll
5. Sometimes You Just Have To…
Dave Bosetti - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Marco Tedeschi - Guitar
Valerio Romano - Bass
Lorenzo Di Blasi - Keyboards, Piano
Chris Lusetti - Drums, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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