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Dead End - Slaves To The Greed Award winner

Dead End
Slaves To The Greed
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 29 April 2017, 6:39 AM

Well, in many moments when you are dealing with Metal, you’ll see that a name can be used by bands from different countries. It’s because some names can show something from the band’s musical style. Here we have in hands “Slaves to the Greed”, the third album from the Finnish quartet DEAD END. But although their name can be found in use for other bands on many countries, their musical work is really unique.

We can say that they play a modern and heavy way into melodic Death Metal, having some musical influences coming from bands as AMORPHIS on their earlier works, something from SENTENCED more somber moments, and touches from what SOILWORK, MESHUGGAH and IN FLAMES did on their past. But their whole musical conception is a bit different, filled with lovely melodies, clean vocals here and there, very good keyboard parts and some broken tempos. Yes, it’s something new in the style.

The sound quality that flows from the speakers is something done with care, to reach our minds as a form of music that can be understood easily, needing no great efforts from us. But at the same time, it’s modern and aggressive, showing great potential on their musical work to go further into something even more different from what exists. Filled with melancholic feeling, flooding with melodies and emotion, “Slaves to the Greed” is an excellent album, maybe one of the greatest of the year. It can surprise all those who look for something different, something that the clones didn’t have done earlier (as they could create something of their won).

Ten wonderful songs are presented here. Merely for reference for the readers (and to keep Mr. Steinmetal and Mr. That Metal Guy satisfied, because my head could be severed if I don’t do that), “Through the Echoes, Future & Past” and its abrasive insight with lovely melodies and fine keyboards parts, the complex tempos of “Inside the Void” (what means that bass guitar and drums are doing a great work on the rhythmic session, and what a lovely chorus), the accessible and catchy vocal lines of “Fragments of the Innocent” (a song heavily influenced by Industrial Metal and modern tendencies) and “Messenger of Sorrow” (melodic, intense and filled with very good groove and a hypnotic chorus), the perfect mixing between aggressiveness and melodic embodiment shown on “Screaming Back to Hell”, and the nightmare with modern scent shown on “The Devil Inside Me”. But I strongly recommend you to hear the entire album.

“Slaves to the Greed” is really amazing, and if they can make things a little better than we have here, they can crack the world with their music.

Great album!

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Through the Echoes, Future & Past
2. Inside the Void
3. Fragments of the Innocent
4. Messenger of Sorrow
5. Nightfall
6. Devil's Triangle (Interlude)
7. Screaming Back to Hell
8. 5000 Voices
9. The Devil Inside Me
10. Slaves to the Greed 
Mikko Virtanen - Vocals
Santtu Rosen - Guitars, bass
Jarno Hänninen - Keyboards
Miska Rajasuo - Drums 
Record Label: Inverse Records


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