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Dead Exaltation – Despondent Award winner

Dead Exaltation
by Patrick McMahon at 28 February 2021, 7:47 AM

DEAD EXALTATION is a clever and storied group from Pune, India. The work I am reviewing today comes from six years of songwriting, and as the debut album under the name. A digital track was released in June of 2015.

From the original release just mentioned, the lyrics and feel of this group focus heavily on a vile prison. The album picks up where the concept began, “Gloom” has the feel of an introduction. It is plain to see that the sound effect track and title are meant to lead the familiar listener to a grind of tinnitus accompanied by the screeching and torment that appear common place in the prison of their design. “Involuntary Emasculation” is where the metal begins, and it does not waste any time. Temperamental beats and strings accompany a brutal, deep scream to characterize the chops of this album right away. More notable than just the pure energy of the track is the lyrics provided for me, describing vicious and horrifying beatings, surgery, and joy experienced in this hellish scape being drawn.

“The Conversation” is a psychological thrill giving pause to the massacre of metal being provided. It serves as a transition point where the album begins looking directly at this exalted jailor, driving his victims in to madness by means of torture. “The Psychology” states this condition of the story best, still blaring away with blast beat and a fine tuned metal accompaniment. It becomes such an interesting take on this entire concept that I would caution you to not attempt this album without the lyrics available. Even considering the likely overkill provided by the first few tracks it seems likely that our jailor is tortured in kind. The track provides many musical highlights, including clean guitar segments, bass runs, and a slowed and almost pleasant tempo.

I will save plenty of this thrilling story for the listener. My personal favorite “Omnia Mors Aequat” is a five minute epic that begins with calm and peace, but ends with explicit murder. The sweeping guitar riffs found sprinkled throughout this track are clean and exact. The beat still blasts and fans like the rest of this album, but there is a very deliberate change of technique marking the transitions of this work. My hat definitely goes off to this one, it’s a checklist of metal masterpiece. Brutality? Check. Musicality? Check. Tranquility? Why not.

Overall, this album doesn’t miss a beat for me. There are redundancies in the writing but it seems to tie the work together more than make it predictable. In my humble opinion, this story is a twisted and disgusting work of art. So obviously I love it. Maybe a graphic, graphic novel is in store? My hopes are high for these guys.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Gloom
2. Involuntary Emasculation
3. Coerced Sewer Ingest
4. The Conversation
5. The Psychology
6. The Transformation
7. Omnia Mors Aequat
8. In Pursuit Of
9. Despondent
Mradul Singhal – Guitar/ Bass/Vocals
Aakash Sherpa – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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