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Dead Of Night - The Evolving Science Of Self Award winner

Dead Of Night
The Evolving Science Of Self
by Tiffini Taylor at 04 April 2018, 12:58 PM

Most Metal bands do not begin with an “Intro” , but in Symphonic Metal it is expected. It is an exploration in a symphony but in a Metal way that uses quite a few classic instruments and an operatic voice in some songs to tell the story through music. That is Symphonic Metal and it is beautiful. The first song is “Here Come the Metal Men” it reminds me of ‘Dr. Who’ for some reason but anyway it is a good song. This is the beginning of the invasion and it is a space odyssey war like no other. The vocals are great. The mixture of the string arrangement around heavy guitars and drums is spectacular. The third track is titled “One for the Moon” and I can’t help to think of ‘The Honeymooners’, “to the moon Alice”. It has a beautiful heavy beginning that is a lovely composed piece of music. The entire song makes one want to fall in love. Never lose hope in the power of love. The drums are magical in the quickness.

The eighth song is called “Home” and it is unique in its creativity. The way this is composed throughout the song is like a dream. It will make one think of home, albeit a planetary home though. This is well thought-out in its entity of this musical piece. A lovely song. It is time for the “Invasion” with sirens going and guitar riff that will not soon be forgotten, along with strings and robot voice as well as opera it is what I love about Symphonic Metal. The voice that is peaceful to listen to. It is an invasion, but it is a beautiful invasion. This draws us to the end of the album with the last song being “Onward”. A dreamlike song that reminds us humankind can continue and never give up, just keep moving. The composition in this music arrangement captures a magical state of mind. What a great end to this album.

Symphonic Metal is not for everyone, it takes a love of music and an open mind. Once one hears it, they become instant fans of this genre (or not). DEAD OF NIGHT has quite a bit of talent in the band that can easily stand-alone but together they create a musical theater for Metal heads that is wonderful.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Here Come The Metal Men
2. Seraphim
3. One For The Moon
4. For I Am Music
5. Set The Night On Fire
6. The Six Steps
7. Someone’s Calling You
8. Home
9. Invasion
10. When The Nightingale Sings
11. I Will
12. Onward
Briony Featon - Vocals
Carl Eden - Keyboards
Dan Roberts - Rhythm Guitar
Jason Peacock - Bass Guitar
Mark Commons – Drums
Record Label: Pride and Joy Music


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