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Dead Quiet - Grand Rites Award winner

Dead Quiet
Grand Rites
by Bradley Karr at 22 January 2018, 7:18 AM

DEAD QUIET was formed in 2013 from the ashes of Kevin Keegan’s former band, BARN BURNER. He met up with the rest of the members to create DEAD QUIET. After their self-titled debut album, they added a full-time keyboard player. Their follow up album “Grand Rites” is a mixture of 70s hard rock and doom metal. The first track “Moon Curser” has a very 70s hard rock feel but with heavy atmospheric keyboards. The vocals come in with a pain and anguish to them that makes you feel the song. The beginning of the song drips heavily of atmosphere and emotion. Feeding into a chorus that is catchier and less heavy. You come away feeling this song.

“Corpse Revival” begins with a rhythmic drum beat before joined by the bass thrums. This is definitely a tune you can tap your foot to. The guitars come in later and just layer on the sound as you anticipate the next layer. The vocals in this song like the others make you experience the song, full of emotion. The chorus gets a little muddled but overall the song is a great listen. “Fucking Oath” like many on this album have a sound that makes the song feel full, like you have listened to flimsy music before. It reminds me of the epics from bands like the Black Sabbath. It is music that takes you on a ride and you feel every moment of it.

“Old Hopeless” has an amazing beginning with all the instruments coming together beautifully. The song then settles in to bring a bombastic sound. This is probably my favorite song on the album. It has a sound that you want to blare from your stereo system. This is the type of song that is made to be listened to on vinyl. The title track is a slow burn of a song that they end the album with. It doesn’t have the same fullness as the other songs at the beginning. After listening to the other songs, you miss the bombardment of music. They don’t disappoint as the chorus line assault your ears with the music. It is a great song to end a wonderful album on.

The album was a great time. Each song feels full of music, like the headphones want to burst with the song. It makes you realize how many other bands have almost thin songs. I felt like I was more experiencing the songs than listening because each one dripped with emotion. I would recommend sitting back and experiencing what DEAD QUIET has to offer. If I was to critic anything I would like to see the vocalist display a more wider range, I think that would take the band into the next level of greatness.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Moon Curser
2. Blood Lovers
3. Corpse Revival
4. Disgraced
5. Fucking Oath
6. Dear Demon
7. Old Hopeless
8. Spiritual Abuse
9. Grand Rites
Kevin Keegan
Mike Grossnickle
Justin Hagberg
Jason Dana
Brock Macinnis
Record Label: Artoffact Records


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