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Dead Register - Fiber Award winner

Dead Register
by Chen May at 10 October 2017, 12:02 PM

Doomy and bass-filled soundscapes are what the Atlanta-based DEAD REGISTER is trying to achieve, and it has done justice to its six-track debut album “Fiber”. DEAD REGISTER is formed under the creative minds of M. Chvasta (vocals, bass), Avril Che (keyboards) and Chad Williams (drums). With songs that gravitate towards the longer side, “Fiber” is sure to keep you enthralled with its dynamic composition and songwriting.

DEAD REGISTER drops the bass in “Alone”, an ultra-heavy tune that crushes you with its intensely dark and somber ambience. Chvasta’s voice is slick and sonorous with a hypnotic essence to it, bringing a somewhat psychedelic vibe to this album. His smooth vocals echo throughout the track repeatedly, amidst the swirling riffs and rhythmic beats that when combined produces a wistful and gloomy feel. “Fiber” is much more upbeat in contrast to its predecessor, featuring livelier riffs, albeit still retaining their crestfallen essence. The solo, whilst long-drawn, is intricately crafted with a good measure of distortion and synths. “Drawing Down” contains an evocative and haunting chorus, adding to the desolate and mournful nature of this track which is a stark contrast to the aggression channeled by the riffs and drums.

“Grave” follows in the footsteps of “Alone”, starting off with a bass-filled intro which segues into a solid atmosphere of doomy rhythms and crestfallen vocal styles. Naturally, this tune does not end without a captivating solo that pulls you in with its charm. “Entwined” is another of DEAD REGISTER’s more upbeat tunes that kicks off with a series of drum beats which slowly transition into a warm, ambient track rife with bass riffs and a somewhat catchy chorus. Darkly alluring and psychedelic, the song “Incendiary” marks as an appropriate closing track for the album. Chvasta’s deep, sonorous voice resounds throughout the track amidst the song’s slow, heavy tempo.

DEAD REGISTER’s debut is full of pleasant surprises. It has hints of classic rock’n’roll, 80s goth and rock, resulting in a production that is doom-laden yet psychedelic at times. The vocals are well-suited to the ambience of the album, aside from the painstakingly crafted solos that add to the multi-faceted nature of the tracks. This band is certainly a fresh addition to the goth/doom rock scene, and a sophomore album from DEAD REGISTER is highly anticipated!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Alone
2. Fiber
3. Drawing Down
4. Grave
5. Entwined
6. Incendiary
M. Chvasta - Vocals, Bass VI, Bass, Effects
Avril Che - Bass Synth, Keys, Textures, Vocals, Live Visuals
Chad Williams - Drums
Record Label: Throne Records


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