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Dead Sleep - Naked Tyrant

Dead Sleep
Naked Tyrant
by Matt "Wolverine" Johnson at 11 October 2020, 10:34 AM

With an absolutely SICK slap in the face, "Naked Tyrant"opens up with the title track and demonstrates how much the Swedish thrashers in DEAD SLEEP know to bring the intensity! This album is their sophomore effort and although released on another record label than their debut, it does not disappoint! Their aggressive, direct approach in songwriting carries over to their instrumentation, giving a satisfying earful of tasty riffs and vocals.

This album, while predominantly thrash, features a variety of guitar and drum trills and styles including NWOBHM, black metal, and even hints of Viking metal (like fellow Swedes in Amon Amarth on the first minute or so of "Call Of The Wild") that add flair to every song. The guitar solos absolutely shred, perfecting the sound of a blistering thrash attack. Wagner's vocals, along with the backing vocals, also provide a nice blend of hostile cleans, screams, and harsh growls. The way the vocal components are layered at various points instill a sense of both dread and fury among other things. She is a monster of vocal talent and deserves more recognition for sure!

One of the aspects of this album that the average listener may miss is just how haunting the riffs and melodies can be at times. The liberal use of minor chords and scales forms a source-flow like a spring that stretches spooky tendrils through the air and into the listener's ears, wrapping the mind with a distinct uneasiness while demanding one's attention. It is like coming down off of a roller coaster or out of an adrenaline-pumping haunted house as the album comes to a conclusion.

It absolutely cannot be overstated how well each song fits in with the others on the album. The songwriting style of "Naked Tyrant" cements how much DEAD SLEEP seem to have a formula for their music and how well it works so well for them! This release is absolutely exciting start to finish and will no doubt have fans enjoying it as excitement builds for their next album!

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Naked Tyrant
2. Welcome To Hell
3. Wages of War
4. Aedes Parasitus
5. Mammon Wolves
6. Death From Above
7. Dredging The Gutter
8. Call Of The Wild
9. Slaying A Corpse
10. Valkyria
M. Bader - Guitar, Backing Vocals
A. Wagner - Bass, Main Vocals
J. Salo - Guitar, Backing Vocals
P. Olofsson - Drums
Record Label: Denomination Records


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Edited 30 October 2020

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