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Dead Witches – The Final Exorcism

Dead Witches
The Final Exorcism
by Katharine Hassett at 03 March 2019, 3:45 PM

DEAD WITCHES is the brainchild of the founding member of ELECTRIC WIZARD and RAMESSES, Mark Greening. Over the years, the overall quality of the stoner-doom legends ELECTRIC WIZARD was in a steady decline, due in part to alleged drama, plunging the band into mediocrity. After his departure from WITH THE DEAD, Greening began working with Italian vocalist Virginia Monti (PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT) on a new project littered with fuzzy guitar and bass, fierce drumming, haunting vocals and occult themes. Formed in the summer of 2016, DEAD WITCHES began recording their debut in September of 2016 Chuckalumba Studios, located in Dorset’s New Forest and the same site of the recording of ELECTRIC WIZARD’s legendary “Deep Throne” and “Let Us Prey.” Since their debut “Ouija,Virginia Monti has been replaced by Soozi Chameleone and guitarist Oliver Hill (GRAVE LINES) has stepped in after the tragic passing of Greg Elk. The 32 minute debut features the old school SABBATH-ian doom metal sound with a mix of stoner influence that largely emulates ELECTRIC WIZARD. The mesmerizingly psychedelic, slow and hazy sound will definitely suit fans of SLEEP and PENTAGRAM, and the formula is much of the same on the follow up.

The Final Exorcism” opens with a short and strange intro called “There’s Someone There” and is followed by the title track of the album. The track beings slowly with a slow, dark riff with intermittent gentle cymbal hits and soon comes in the fuzzy 4/4 doom riffage with war stomping drumming. Soozi Chameleone’s haunting vocals are very similar to her predecessor without as much distortion. The drumming of this album is very emphasized, even to the point of having it louder than the guitars in the mix. It is an overall evil sounding opening to the sophomore album. “Goddess Of The Night” opens with another simple doom riff with a wah-wah effect which is present on and off throughout the song. Both this track and the following dramatically slow the pace of the album and give off a heavy psychedelic flair.

The Church By The Sea” is more of the same fuzzy riffage that at times borders on surf rock. “Lay Demon” slows the pace of the album even further and has evil riffs that scream BLACK SABBATH. The album closes with a nine minute belter that opens with the same heavily distorted guitars, slow tempo and four on the floor drumming. Many guitar effects are showcased on this closer and it ends with a savage drum solo and the guitars fade out. “The Final Exorcism” is a solid album chock full of doomy fuzz, psychedelia and occult undertones, with a heavy focus on the drumming. It is worth a few listens, but at the end of the day it is quite a mirroring of ELECTRIC WIZARD.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. There’s Someone There
2. The Final Exorcism
3. Goddess Of The Night
4. When Do The Dead See The Sun
5. The Church By The Sea
6. Lay Demon
7. Fear The Priest
Mark Greening – Drums
Carl Gear – Bass
Oliver Hill – Guitars
Soozi Chameleone – Vocals
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records


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Edited 21 June 2019

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