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Dead Christ Cult - Your Absurd Life (CD)

Dead Christ Cult
Your Absurd Life
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 23 February 2009, 11:21 AM

I found this band by searching the internet for interesting new releases. Two were the elements that drew my attention towards DEAD CHRIST CULT; the first was the band's ancestry and their musical identity saying Black/Thrash Metal. For reasons that I cannot explain I respect all that bands from the Eastern Europe and especially those belonging to extreme Metal genres. So, DEAD CHRIST CULT (excellent name) are one them and taking into account that they use they mother tongue you can understand my high level of interest.
The biography data about the Ukrainian band are rather rare and learning about them from the official site requires the knowledge of the Ukrainian language. Nevertheless, music is the main subject in METAL TEMPLE so I will start talking about it right away.
The album kicks in with K Pobede Zhelezom I Krov'yu following what is easily described as something closer to BEWITCHED with a heavier sound. This means that the music Thrash Metal oriented with the traditional Black Metal structure with blast beats, fast drums and high pitched repetitive riffs. The vocals are definitely Black Metal-ish sounding really primitive under the Ukrainian pronunciation. Actually, the pronunciation could be an issue for the average listener who is used to the English language but if you give it some time then you will discover that it sounds really cool and actually more aggressive. The guitar work is impressive with catchy riffs and groovy rhythms that fit into the Thrash profile like a glove. Even though the sound productions 'looks' over high pitched it creates a hearty old school atmosphere that will be greatly appreciated by the die hard fans who miss the first days.
The main riff in Lzheprorok is a killer while the IMMORTAL break prepares you for the finger bleeding guitar explosion. No fancy keyboards fills can bo found here; the two piece band implements all the major Scandinavian Black Metal influences without touching or even looking the recent scene led by famous bands like DIMMU BORGIR or CRADLE OF FILTH. The fast Ogon' Mesti  made me think of ROTTING CHRIST's prime and cult steps enhanced by the evil sounding Ukranian language.
I don't want to add anything on this album that manages to look over the 90s Black Metal era where things were 'romantic;' when the Black Metal scene was in the making, under the heavy shadow of church burnings and die hard anti-christianic statements. DEAD CHRIST CULT presents the side of the Black Metal sound with Thrash finishing touches that turns this album into a killer. If you are looking something that is raw and stays away from the over-produced and trendy music genres then DEAD CHRIST CULT are and should be your friends. Check also the record label The Kether Crown Production that comes with the cool moto Support True Black Underground - Non Commercial Label.

3 Star Rating

K Pobede Zhelezom I Krov'yu
Efemernost' Zhizni
Pogonya Za Himerami
Mertvoe Kasanie
Ogon' Mesti
Razve Bog Ne Prishel?
Maksym Dubovenko - Vocals, guitar
Dmitriy Govor - Drums
Record Label: The Kether Crown Production


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