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Deadheads - This One Goes To Eleven

This One Goes To Eleven
by Tiffini Taylor at 27 February 2018, 12:38 PM

The beginning into DEADHEADS’This One Goes To Eleven” is a bit strange and harsh. “Blackout” is the first track on this heavy action Rock album. It is guitar heavy with talented drum playing. “Don’t Mind The Ghost” opens with guitars roaring. It is reminiscent of the Heavy Rock from the eighties. The vocals are strong although it sounds as the song is out of a tunnel. It is a good time song. The title would make a good book title too.

“Somebody Along The Way” opens with guitar and drums and the vocals are good. The more one listens to this band the more one will like it and want more of it. It is heavy duty Metal with a bit of quirkiness that works well together. The lyrics are great in this particular song. The guitar is wonderful throughout. “Manic Mondays” this is not the BANGLES song from the late eighties that song was “Manic Monday”. For those who do not know who BANGLES are, then google it. Anyway, this is a manic song which will make ones hair stand up. There is another great guitar solo here.

This next song on the album “Too Lost To Be Found” is one that will bring a tear to the eye, it sounds more therapeutic than like a Rock song. It is great. “Lucifer” what a great song title, there is no BS here; nothing but straight up Metal. It is fast paced and heart pounding. This will be a favorite. The drums and guitars musically collide with amazing ease. This is what Metal is. “Status Low” is the final track, but there is nothing low about this song. It is thriving in its creativeness. The guitar solo in this song is fierce. A good way to end a good album. Let us all rock out to this release.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. BlackOut
2. Don’t Mind The Ghost
3. Somebody Along The Way
4. Manic Mondays
5. Too Lost To Be Found
6. The Plan
7. Instant Control
8. Two Steps Before The Fall
9. Lucifer
10. My Time
11. Status Low
Manne Olander – Vocals and Guitar
Tim Ferm - Drums
Rickard Hellgren - Guitar
Olle Griphammar – Bass
Record Label: High Roller Records


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