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Deadly Vipers - Low City Drone

Deadly Vipers
Low City Drone
by MetalWim at 03 October 2022, 9:12 PM

Sometimes I get to hear that I am a musical chameleon when it comes to Heavy Metal and other aligning genres. I can easily switch from something quite brutal to anything rather soft. Just don’t give me Extreme Death & Black Metal and Grindcore and you’ll find I can detect something I like to listen to, unless the music is crap. And even then I’ll try to bring out the positive elements. Just so you know, I have always had a soft spot for the fuzzy kind of rock that some bands can produce, even going into lo-fi territory. Not that I crave to listen to it on a daily basis, but I do enjoy the conflicting feelings and emotions that this kind of music brings to the surface. I therefore was very pleasantly surprised when I started listening to DEADLY VIPERS. As usual, if I don’t know a band that I will be reviewing, I do NOT search the internet beforehand for background information. No, I just start the music and let it run by me.

You can imagine that when “Low City Drone” started playing, my attention was magnified immensely. The short intro that is “Echoes from Wasteland” made my brains switch from leisurely listening mode to intense interest mode. The following “Atom” only enhanced that feeling. The ingredients are all there, the fuzzy sounding guitars, the loose sounding but oh so grooving drums, the very liberated acting bass and of course the vocals that have been kept away from the forefront by just the right margin. There are even some keyboards that make an appearance at exactly the proper time, but thankfully not too often. And DEADLY VIPERS keep up that level of interest all through “Low City Drone”.

On top of that, DEADLY VIPERS actually know how to write songs that you will notice. They know how to make sure that the emotions and expressions they are throwing in your face are coming across to maximum effect. The heavy parts and the mellow pieces get exchanged quite regularly, giving the music on offer a lot more depth than I would have expected. So, coming back to what I said earlier, on “Low City Drone” I don’t even have to try to like it, because this is plainly really good stuff. Musically sound, very strong production and with the proper analogue sounds that give you the feeling that the band are playing right in front of your nose. So, consider me happy. Because DEADLY VIPERS have made me so with “Low City Drone”.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Echoes from Wasteland
2. Atom
3. Low City Drone
4. Welli Welloo
5. Meteor Part II
6. Last Rise
7. Ego Trip
8. Big Empty
Fred –Vocals
David – High Fuzz
Thomas – Low Fuzz
Rudy - Drums
Record Label: Fuzzorama Records


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