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Death Chamber – Experiments In Warfare

Death Chamber
Experiments In Warfare
by Thomas Kumke at 11 June 2021, 11:23 AM

DEATH CHAMBER hailing from Munich, Germany were formed in 2018. It was actually meant to be a side project of founding member Tim Reu in addition to his other bands CHAEDRIST and SCRAWN. DEATH CHAMBER play traditional Death Metal. “Experiments In Warfare” is the band’s debut EP and it was released independently. It has a length of about 23 minutes.

Experiments In Warfare” is straight forward, classical European style of Death Metal. Most of the songs are played at breakneck speed and with relatively simple texturing. The Death Metal assault starts with “Spark To Extinction” which, after a short intro, erupts into a blast-beat driven, hammering brutal Death Metal sound that includes dark and aggressive guitar riffing, crunching bass lines, and a mix of growls and screams which cover almost the whole guttural range, but stay predominantly at the low to medium end of the gutturals. The tempo is mostly at high pace, but there is a simple, but effective short mid-tempo break. “Spark To Extinction” transitions seamlessly into “The Inevitable” which continues with the frantic pace, it is even faster than the opener. The low guitar tuning make the song sonically intense and blood-freezing. The vocals have a great contribution due to their variety. “The Inevitable” was officially released as visualizer and the YouTube link is given below.

Dead End Witness” is structurally very chaotic, although the leading guitar riffs follow a simple sequence. When I listened to the song for the first few times, I got a little bit lost, since there are a frequent changes in rhythm and speed, as well as in guitar riffing. The tempo changes are subtle, in principle it is a pummeling throughout triggered by the numerous blast-beat outbursts and double-bass sequences. “Relentless Will To Destroy” is not really different apart from a couple of short mid-tempo breaks, although those mid-tempo sequences only allow to take one deep breath and then the onslaught continues. The overall topic of the EP is warfare on which the listener gets frequently reminded by the various cinematic samples between songs, for example, when it transitions to “The Cage” and later on to “Ashfall”. Both are bludgeoning tracks with incredibly aggressive and dark guitar riffing, hammering drums, and deafening screams as well as brutal growls. “Ashfall” is a bit simpler in texture and also got some melodic vibes beside the thrash vibes that are evident on some of the tracks. One thing should be noted, DEATH CHAMBER do not include any technical lead guitar sequences or solos throughout the EP.

DEATH CHAMBER deliver a more than decent debut release. They have a no nonsense approach to Death Metal with no experimentation and they do not reinvent the wheel. The sound is driven by the extremely aggressive guitar riffing, the relentless speed, and the brutality of the vocals. The vocals have been the highlight for me, since they have a wide range and often fit perfectly to the sound. On the other hand, especially the guitar riffing is often a bit too monotone and repetitive, so that the songs sound fairly similar. “Experiments In Warfare” is well produced. I believe with some improvement in songwriting, DEATH CHAMBER are on a good way to establish themselves in the world of traditional Death Metal and fans can look forward to a full-length debut.

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Spark To Extinction
2. The Inevitable
3. Dead End Witness
4. Relentless Will To Destroy
5. The Cage
6. Ashfall
Pat Suchostavski – Vocals
Tim Reu – Guitars
Immanuel Rahman – Bass
Record Label: Dead Center Productions


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