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Death Decline - Built For Sin

Death Decline
Built For Sin
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 06 June 2016, 3:59 PM

A supposed research into the meaning of sin of simply an admission of society's prolonged guilt? I think that I could have developed a few more anecdotes about my assumptions regarding sin and the commission of sin, but I will stop right there. It would have gotten too philosophical wouldn't it? The hell with it, this is a Metal album and not an academic discussion. Nonetheless, such an album that is festering upon society's hidden weaknesses surely can trigger such interest for debate. DEATH DECLINE rose up the stakes with their debut album "Built For Sin" and found ways to diverse their lyricism and overall theme while also attributing multiplicity in their dynamic musical sense.

The general label says Thrash / Death Metal, yet it is beyond your average SLAYER, MACHINE HEAD, PANTERA or even NEVERMORE album. "Built For Sin" is having the guts to make sure that there is a tight mixture of everything, reeling within the old school Metal aptitude and jumping right into the belly of the modernized beast. Clobbering with grooves and decisive riffery while also escalating the senses with classically crafted soloing that wouldn't have put the old gods to shame. Other than playing the purest form of extreme Metal, DEATH DECLINE aspired to be everywhere with this album, they wanted to cover every corner, every single territory that is possible to consume. At times it ran against them as it felt just too much to handle or to take pleasure of, but in the overall, there efforts weren't in vain and the current formed image instigated a brighter future.

"Built For Sin" is composed of hard to the core heavy hitters such as "Elevate".  Sometimes it surfaces with an epic, revealing a long story al'a the self-titled number, which also turned out to be one of the strongest songs of the release. Clearly it is enigmatic but also honest and true. Furthermore, there are a few catchy tunes just to leave something lyrically memorable behind in the likes of "Perpetual Way of Sin" and "Enslave the Weak". As I mentioned earlier, often the material gets somewhat too assorted till there is no connection amongst the dots and it is easy to lose one's grip, just shadows of a big brawl, stuck between the moshpit and the thinking mind.

I believe there is much to discover in this release, it turns into several worlds within Metal music but also to one's heart for some soul searching. But I guess that would need more than one listen to comprehend. DEATH DECLINE came to crush and roll heads, their technical sense can be their Achilles' heel yet their varied musical fashion is their source for quality songwriting.

3 Star Rating

1. Are We ?
2. Architects of Fear
3. Enslave the Weak
4. Despise and Delusion
5. Elevate
6. Built for Sin
7. Perpetual Way of Sin
8. Dark Widow
9. Alone Die the Sinner
Alex – Bass
Alexis – Vocals
Fab - Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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