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Death Is Death – Death Is Hardest Thing To Do Award winner

Death Is Death
Death Is Hardest Thing To Do
by Will Travers at 06 July 2021, 10:08 PM

Danish Thrash Metallers, DEATH IS DEATH are back with their second full length album “Death Is Hardest Thing To Do”. Following on from the successes of their debut “Death Wears Suit” in 2019 they have pushed on to release a single in 2020 (also named “Death Is Hardest Thing To Do”). The three piece outfit have been industrious with a 14 track album that, by the tracking names, appears to have a serious focus around death.

‘The only certainty life contains is death’ (Patricia Briggs)

The artwork for the album again appears to focus on this theme, a bloody knife dripping onto a skull. I wanted to pick a few tracks to focus on solely from the names, as I want to see if the styles are changing dependent on the name. First is the title track “Death Is Hardest Thing To Do” which wastes no time throwing its self at the listener, fast paced, energetic and some distinct old school Thrash pounds through my headphones over the short and breathless minute long track. Next, is “Dirty Death”. Now, it is not quite as hectic as has been seen so far, but it comes across as a much more polished track that continues to hit that old school style and ends so abruptly it just leaves you wanting more.

“Energy Death” is the next under the microscope. As all to this point, it is quick to get started. But there is a slight difference in this track for me. The presence of some sublime melodic guitar breaks really made it stand out for me. Let’s see if you can figure out why I chose the next track… “Slayer Kind Of Death”, I write this section before I have actually allowed this to play, so I can write my notes and ramblings as it comes through and I am intrigued to see if this lives up to my expectations. Holy hell. Instantly I would say that you can hear the SLAYER influences, you could be forgiven for thinking the introductory lick was plucked straight from a SLAYER track. In fact, the whole track has a SLAYER ambience about it, but at the same time you can tell that it is DEATH IS DEATH, but they are simply paying homage to the kings of Thrash.

Carrying along in this vein, I want to write about “Mega Death”, mainly as I feel this could be a really intelligent play on words from the Danish trio. Again, similarly to “Slayer Kind Of Death” there is an ambience surrounding the short and sweet track that is reminiscent of MEGADETH but it is also not a carbon copy of their style. Merely the DEATH IS DEATH style, tinted by their influences. Finally, the last track “Smooth Death”. Now I had fantastical images in my head because I instantly associated this to Smooth Jazz, but I certainly couldn’t be more wrong. The track is again thrown forwards at a break neck speed that just really sends the album out in an energetic, breathless blaze of fire.

Overall, I really enjoyed album. It was fun, well put together and very well delivered by the band. I’m sure that Thrash fans far and wide will love this short and punchy album.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Death Is Hardest Thing To Do
2. Death Is Victory
3. Violent-Psycho-Death
4. Dirty Death
5. Energy Death
6. Slayer Kind Of Death
7. Death Brewery
8. Genetic Death
9. Mega Death
10. Certain Death
11. Death To The Idiot
12. Die By Death
13. Death By Coroner
14. Smooth Death
TH – Vocals / Guitar
EV – Bass
EP – Drums
Record Label: Concorde Music Company


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