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Death Keepers - Rock This World

Death Keepers
Rock This World
by Kyle Scott at 27 February 2018, 12:43 PM

Made of 80s classics, operatic vocals, high-wire riffs, and forged in the heart of Barcelona, DEATH KEEPERS (not to be confused with KEEPERS OF DEATH from Russia) comes out ready to take on all. The first track off their debut “Rock This World”, “Rock and Roll City”, sounds a touch Rockabilly inspired, though? A bit unexpected, sure, but it’s an interesting new take on an old style, regardless. “Fire Angel” is a beautiful narrative about the rise and fall of Lucifer, and features some epic vocal acrobatics of Dey Rus, and features some interesting instrumental moments, including an organ and a tolling church bell. “Death Keepers” the band’s namesake, has Eddy Gary showing off just how insanely he can play guitar, while “Rock This World” sounds right off of an album of DEF LEOPARD or MOTLEY CRUE, and features all the hooks!

“Metallia” isn’t ready to short you of any 80s hooks, either. And it’s plain to see that Rus definitely isn’t shy about spouting aggro lyrics for that track, “Listen to the crushing thunder of a thousand hammers feeding into your soul”. “Rock This World’s” version sounds drastically different from the EP version, whose intro sounds like it came from a completely different track! “Smooth Hit Love” ends things on a rather slow note. While not much different from their instrumental track “Invention IV” or “Thriving Forecast”, it’s twice as long as both of those tracks, clocking in at almost nine minutes. “Smooth Hit Love” sounds just like your classic 80s love ballad that’s all manners of heartbreak, finished off with the sound of waves crashing on a desolate shore.

DEATH KEEPERS prove that while disco maybe dead, 80s Rock sure isn’t. Like any other Metal band, they aim to change the world with the power of their music. Listen to “Rock This World” and join them in that mission!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Rock and Roll City
2. Fire Angel
3. Death Keepers
4. Haven’s Heaven
5. Rock This World
6. Thriving Forecast
7. Love’s Within (yourself)
8. Wildfire
9. Invention IV
10. Metallia
11. Smooth Hit Love
Dey Rus - Lead Vocals
Eddy Gary - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Antonio Maties - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Gorka Alegre - Bass
Miki Hunter – Drums
Record Label: Fighter Records


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