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Death's Head and the Space Allusion - The Counterbalance

Death's Head and the Space Allusion
The Counterbalance
by Louise Brown at 09 July 2019, 1:47 PM

DEATH'S HEAD AND THE SPACE ALLUSION got their start in Oulu, Finland during the year 2016. They've released one EP as well as the new full-length album "The Counterbalance".

"Dopefiend Outrun" is ridiculously good. No, seriously, it really is. The intro is dramatic with lots of synthesizer presence, leading into a track which features a truly inspiring vocal performance along with some of the finest guitar riffs I've heard in sometime. I found myself listening to the song a lot. In fact, I was so excited about it that I ended up telling my best friend who just happens to be a guitarist in Finland. He liked it so much that he shared it to a music fan group that we both belong to. Convinced yet? No? Keep reading.

"Gone" packs a punch as it begins with some great guitar riffs combined with a nice synth track. The tone of the song becomes somber as the vocals commence. Melancholy and reflection are heavily present within the composition. Between the vocal performance as well as the music itself the song is quite moving as well as great to listen to. The theme of excellence continues with "The Time Healer".  It's faster-paced almost right away with plenty of synthesizer, guitars and percussion which give it a smooth, polished sound. More powerful melodies make it another song that you'll want to hear more than once. Elements of DREAM THEATER can be heard, which is never a bad thing. The track is complex and performed masterfully by the band. The guitar solos are definitely the highlight! "Blood Painted" has a beautiful intro which grabs you immediately. The song takes on a more solemn tone once the vocals start, giving it a whole new character. Some really lovely harmonies add an element that makes the song's chorus nearly soar as you listen to it. It's such a good song that I stopped taking notes about it and just LISTENED to it instead. Fantastic!  "The Seal Of Dreamland" is another track that has a faster-paced intro that takes you for a bit of a ride while it plays. After the song slows slightly the vocals are particularily enjoyable as Valtteri Virolainen demonstrates how he can easily change his style and sound to suit the mood of the composition he's performing. Combined with a beat and bass-line that are hard to resist as well as many well-played guitar riffs the track will leave you wanting more.

I cannot say there is a bad song on the album because there simply isn't. If you appreciate Metal music that has beauty as well as power then you will love this album. The tracks that I didn't mention are just as good as the ones I wrote about it. But rather than take up your time with details I simply suggest (very strongly) that you get a copy of "The Counterbalance" as soon as you possibly can. It's one of those albums that will still sound outstanding ten or even twenty years from now. A real gem created by a band that I'm sure we'll be hearing much more from; great work, DEATH'S HEAD AND THE SPACE ALLUSION!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

  1. Dopefiend Outrun
  2. Gone
  3. The Time Healer
  4. Blood Painted
  5. The Seal Of The Dreamland
  6. Between The Sounds
  7. Burning Desire
  8. Principles Of A Mechanic Commander

Valtteri Virolainen -  Vocals
Antza Talala -  Guitar
Hemma Timonen - Guitar
Juho Rikberg -  Bass
Jussi Ontero -  Drums

Record Label: Inverse Records


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