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Death Vomit - Gutted By Horrors

Death Vomit
Gutted By Horrors
by Jess at 13 September 2014, 8:45 AM

Hailing from Chile, Death Metallers DEATH VOMIT has released their second full length album on Xtreem Music Records, “Gutted By Horrors”.  This album sits at 12 tracks, but only has about 37 minutes worth of listening time. This is a very short album in comparison to the normal 12 track album being at about an hour long, sometimes running longer.

This four piece was born in 2011 and what seems odd is that the band doesn’t have a website or any type of social media to promote itself. The only way the band can be contacted is through their Bandcamp site or through Xtreem Music. They feel it doesn’t fit what they stand for. Good for them, now let’s see how that philosophy comes to life in “Gutted By Horrors”.

The band name and the track list is a clear indicator that these guys are putrid old school Death Metal. If that’s not indicator enough, wait until track two “Indestructible Abominations”. It cranks with high velocity, dark melodies and then those vocals. Perhaps some of the lowest, guttural, nasty growls I have ever heard. Oh so low and oh so dark, these vocals are completely unlike any hellish vocals out there in the metal world.

Track one “Intro – Grave Gate to Horrors” comes in low with an eerie, dark woods, feeling that turns into a glorious composition of guitar riffs and drum beats. The last part of this intro track shows off some of guitar work these guys can do before turning into the complicated, harder, and faster works in the rest of the album.

The rest of the album is your typical Death Metal album. There are the blast beats and the fastness along with a deep dark sound. The vocals are far less typical and really add to the depth this album already has. The guitars do get to have some amazing solos throughout which provides a great contrast to the low heavy riffs that are so generously given. A couple of tracks that show true greatness within the album are “Corpse Immolation”, those guitars are on point and “Devoured by Carcass”, excellent drum work with equivocal bass and guitars.

Gutted By Horrors” is a good album, with top notch musicianship. However, for the majority of the album felt like the same track over again. Given the musicianship within the album, I expected to hear more creativity overall. It’s easy to hear the gloriousness one song at a time, but as a whole it needs a little more creativity in production.

3 Star Rating

  1. Intro – Grave Gate to Horrors
  2. Indestructible Abominations
  3. Thorns Damnations
  4. Holocaust
  5. Swallowed by Transphormutation
  6. Devoured by Carcass
  7. Deeds of Pestilence
  8. Ashes of Necromancy
  9. Painful Prayer
  10. Demoniac Hunger
  11. Corpse Immolation
  12. Resurrection Grotesque
Azazzel – Guitars/Vocals
Evil Scorzized – Drums
Tom “evil” Hill – Bass
Sebastian Salce – Guitar
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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