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Deathawaits – Rapture Smites Award winner

Rapture Smites
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 16 November 2019, 9:49 PM

From Lyon, France come DEATHAWAITS with their fourth Full-Length Album. It is their first with French Record Label M & O Music. The band are known to mix styles and influences from Death Metal, Thrash, Hardcore and Grindcore. Let’s see what they have in store for us

Loot Thy Neighbour” is a hard-hitter from the off. The beat keeps ticking over. Heads will bang, feet will tap. It has the feel of AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK style Deathcore, but with the vocals easier to follow. The skills used on guitars blend in the melody with something similar to a heavier, better version of the riff in AVENGED SEVENFOLD’sUnholy Confessions”. The melody is well controlled throughout. This is not just strung together, you can hear the structure develop.

Better Think Twice” starts with a similar beat to “Loot Thy Neighbour”, which is not a bad thing, the sound expands into its own. Vocally from Florian, it keeps up well with the harmony. The beat is a bit slower in this song, but it’s controlled well enough that the pace is not an issue. The bridge beat is again similar to the previous song, but it keeps the album sound well. Technical skills come out to play around the 3-minute mark and that’s exactly what the song needs a break and change in style really works for the development and progression of the song. Jordan, Thomas and Oliver blend and mix skills together very well

Trumpeting Butchery - Part I” will keep the heads banging well. The build-up is working nicely in the background at the start, the vocals add a new edge and the drums of Tommy pick up the beat and help it run nicely. The basis of the song is like something I have heard other bands (names are not coming to mind) run, but this is worked out better, it has the vocals holding on for a better finish.

Evergreen House” has a deathly growl to kick us off. The pace is in the higher gears again for the song, but you can hear some decent technical riffing in the back. The song includes the features that have worked thus far, so it goes together perfectly. This song shows the skills that we have heard really being outlined. What more could you ask for? If you want to hear something done in sync with each member of the band playing to their upmost, this is that song.

Circling The Drain” continues with the heavy riffs running free, but again, you can hear the band are in control, no songs have ran away. This sounds more like LIONHEART from a Hardcore perspective with a good adding of Technical Thrash. The breakup of chorus to bridge works well to make a new structure in the song, its short outbursts, which are very effective.

The album is more like a heavier Metalcore, like it used to be. It works very well. The band are very strong together and they show their skills in different ways, never seemingly to outdo another, but in harmony. It is a great album. It’s on Bandcamp, it’s on YouTube, it’s on Spotify. You need this album in your ears, listen to it!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Barbaric Decadence
2. Loot Thy Neighbour
3. Better Think Twice
4. Trumpeting Butchery - Part I
5. Trumpeting Butchery - Part II (Instrumental)
6. Trumpeting Butchery - Part III
7. Evergreen House
8. Circling the Drain
9. Shrine of Mediocrity
10. Karmageddon
11. Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
Florian Garrigue – Lead Vocals
Jordan Bonnevialle – Guitars
Thomas Granturco – Bass Guitar
Olivier Dupont – Guitars
Tommy Bonnevialle – Drums
Record Label: M&O Music


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