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Deathless Legacy - Dance With Devils Award winner

Deathless Legacy
Dance With Devils
by Garrett Davis at 25 April 2017, 2:08 PM

DEATHLESS LEGACY is a smooth blend of Death Thrash and Horror Metal. “Dance With Devils”, their latest album, saw its release in January 2017, and with shades of ROB ZOMBIE and NIGHTWISH styled operatic grandness, it is a beautiful tonal mix of horror elements and grim themes. This combination for me is something I would listen to any time of year, but I would certainly make a mandatory spot for it on my playlist leading up to my favourite holiday: Halloween. Creepy and reminiscent of everything we love about classic horror, with chanting voices, pipe organ, and mounting tension, “Dance with Devils” is a powerful opener that sets the stage.

Join the Sabbath” ramps up the pace with slightly campy Operatic vocals that I had a lot of fun listening to. Far from being an oppressive and overbearing presence, everything about this track is grandiose and dramatic. With lyrics like “let the witch burn” we come to “Heresy”, where everything feels a bit more defiant and unrepentant. The keyboard work here features more of that great gothic playing, like something from a Bela Lugosi flick. “Witches' Brew” then starts off quite predictably with the cackling of crones, who are rather pleased with their diabolical potion bubbling in the background. The Thrash influence comes through pretty strong on this one, with firm drums and smooth riffs, this piece sounds like it would be very fun in concert.

Headless Horseman” is named for what may be my favourite short story, and it is appropriately dramatic. “The Black Oak” has a really interesting and catchy groove to it; the vocals have their own rhythm here, giving them a poetic quality that re-centres your focus while the instrumentals take a backseat by setting a beat for these segments. A love story to all the things we find fascinating in tales of the devil himself, “Lucifer” is enchanting, classy, and otherworldly, with the faintest suggestion of danger. Eerie keyboards fade out before a haunting instrument like a banshee's howls or some high-pitched woodwinds blow through the trees and fade into Jazz-like keys, bringing to mind all the urban legends of great musicians from the Deltas selling their souls to Satan for more talent.

Voivode” (translates to “war-leader”) introduces violins for a strangely powerful addition, lending urgency with rapid harsh notes and “Devilborn” brings the gritty Thrash without giving up that smooth sound. The final track is “Creatures of the Night” and it is such a great mash-up of things that I won’t even go into it here, but if you only listen to one track from this album, make it “Creatures of the Niggt”. However, just because of pure campy goofiness, I had to include a link for the “Witches' Brew” official music video - you can definitely tell the band members had fun making it and I couldn't deny passing that on! After that, I went out and added “Dance With Devils” to my wish-list and I hope you'll have fun with it too.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Dance With Devils
2. Join the Sabbath
3. Heresy
4. Witches’ Brew
5. Headless Horseman
6. The Black Oak
7. Lucifer
8. Voivode
9. Curse of the Waltz
10. Devilborn
11. Creatures of the Night
C-AG1318 – Bass, Vocals
Peter Blaurot – Keyboards
Frater Orion – Drums
El “Calàver” – Guitars
Steva La Cinghiala - Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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