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DeathOrchestra – Symphony Of Death Award winner

Symphony Of Death
by Thomas Kumke at 08 December 2020, 1:49 AM

DEATHORCHESTRA is a collaboration of Russian Death Metal band BUICIDE and the OLYMPIC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRASaint PetersburgRussia. The result of this collaboration is called “Symphony Of Death” and it is based on one of the most influential musicians of Death Metal, the late Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH). BUICIDE emerged in 2004 from former BEAUTIFUL SUICIDE and they have released two full-length albums in 2011 and 2014. “Symphony Of Death” is an independent release has a length of a bit more than 36 minutes.

What an idea! While the idea of combinimg Metal with a symphonic orchestra is not a new one, it is still something special. There are a few bands which collaborated with classics and perhaps the most prominent example is METALLICA’s “S&M” approach, and yes, BUICIDE’s collaboration is not different, yet it is very different. BUICIDE pay tribute to a man who had an huge impact on a whole genre in Metal up to this day and who passed away far too early. So, it was a beautiful idea and the result is astonishing. Another difference is that the concert did not take place at a large venue suited for the orchestra. It took place at a small club with the fans crowd surfing and circle piting.

The sound on “Symphony Of Death” is not very different from that of its big cousins like the recently released “S&M2”. Given the back catalogue of DEATH, it is faster and BUICIDE are not shy in their song selection. The collaboration with the orchestra is on an equal footing and very harmonic, all instruments play very well together and the quality of the sound is exceptional. To start with “Voice Of The Soul” was a very good choice in order to take the crowd on this unusual journey. While the band provides the basic sound, the classical instruments contribute to the vocal sound, the solos, and intensify also the rhythm.

The song selection is probably a matter of debate, I felt the choice was reasonable and also carefully thought through. They included some of the classics like “Crystal Mountain” and also some more challenging tracks like “Scavenger Of Human Sorrow”, although I believe the latter song was a perfect choice for the orchestra. It was notable that the early songs were absent from the set list. The downside of the concert is that it is over after only 7 songs and 36 minutes, I had hoped for more. All 7 songs will be available as videos on YouTube and the link for “Spirit Crusher” is given below.

Symphony Of Death” is an outstanding tribute to Death Metal and to one of its best representatives, the late Chuck SchuldinerBUICIDE and the OLYMPIC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA show that the collaboration between the extreme side of Metal and Classics can work to perfection. The way how they performed those Death Metal classics stands for an excellent arrangement and production. “Symphony Of Death” belongs in every Death Metal collection.

Arrangement:  10
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

Sergey Kuznetsov – Guitars
Anton Ryzhev -­ Guitars
Roman Gubarek – Drums
Kirill Kotov – Bass
Sergei Zavarykin – Conductor
Sergey Kuznetsov – Guitars
Anton Ryzhev  -­ Guitars
Roman Gubarek – Drums
Kirill Kotov – Bass
Sergei Zavarykin – Conductor
Record Label: Independent


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