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Deathrite - Nightmares Reign Award winner

Nightmares Reign
by Chris Hawkins at 17 December 2018, 5:34 AM

DEATHRITE is certainly a band I’m happy to now be turned on to.  They hail from Saxony in Germany, probably the most Metal name for a location, and play their own unique brand of Death Metal that is actually better classified as Extreme Metal because of the various influences that seep through in the mix.  “Nightmares Reign” is their fourth full-length, an entertaining display of musicians living the dream while following in the footsteps of the masters that preceded them.

When Nightmares Reign” kicks the album off with a very drawn-out section of note bending.  Finally, after about two minutes, the band gets going.  It is definitely worth the wait because the listener is greeted with some powerfully raw, no-frills crusty Death Metal.  Immediately, one thinks of ASPHYX, ENTOMBED, and even some elements of BRUTAL TRUTH.  The first song immediately transcends into the next track, “Appetite for Murder”.  Successfully, they manage to retain the energy while actually increasing the intensity.  It is pretty easy to imagine Fenriz listening to this and headbanging carefully to prevent spilling his beer.  There is that primal feel to this material much like later DARKTHRONE, the kind that brings out the best in all true Metal-heads.  It’s Extreme Metal played with a Punk attitude and street-smart conviction.

The fourth track, “Demon Soul,” begins with a brutal stomp accented by slides and palm-muting that instantly brings “Wolverine Blues” to mind.  With the tremolo picking and blasting that ensues, the song begins to have a slight Black Metal vibe.  The outro solos serve to illuminate the skills of each guitarist while gluttonously indulging in profuse amounts of wah pedal.  The longest track of the album is saved for last and titled “Temptation Calls”.  As can be expected, it is full of transitions.  It actually serves as a clear exposé of the band’s overall sound.  After a clean interlude, they take a different turn with a very melodic part accented by dual solos.  The vibe is similar to a classic METALLICA instrumental like “Orion” in the way that ideas are explored and expanded, and all the while, the melodies become firmly lodged in one’s brain.  They truly display a penchant for writing classic Metal with this song and its difference from the other material is unexpectedly, jaw-droppingly impressive.

For the band’s style, the production serves to aptly capture their essence.  The guitars sound huge with just enough distortion to allow the notes of each chord to clearly ring through.  Each player has a distinct style and approach to the instrument, a feature that adds to the band’s unique style.  There is still room for the snarling growl of the bass underneath which acts as the perfect foil to its partners of the treble clef.  The drums could be a bit louder, and that is only coming from a genuine interest in the guy’s style.  It has a swing that is like Chuck Biscuits blended with Nicke Andersson.  He really is that good.  Vocally, the approach is a discernible type of yell, one that is similar to L.G.’s but without his deep well of bass.

The timing for this album’s release could not be better.  The scene now is flooded with tech-obsessed wankery which totally loses that classic Death Metal feeling.  DEATHRITE, however, stay true with a raw approach that is a tribute to the masters that came before, and there is feeling.  After all, music is meant to evoke emotion from the listener, and DEATHRITE nail it, taking the listener to a grave yard to kick over and smash tombstones while burning an obscene amount of their surroundings.  That’s my take at least.

Songwriting:  9
Originality:  8
Memorability:  9
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. When Nightmares Reign
2. Appetite for Murder
3. Invoke Nocturnal Light
4. Demon Soul
5. Devil’s Poison
6. Bloodlust
7. Obscure Shades
8. Temptation Calls
Beff - Drums
Andy - Guitars
Anton- Bass
Tom – Guitars
Tony - Vocals
Record Label: Century Media Records


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