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Deathsiege - Unworthy Adversary

Unworthy Adversary
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 26 August 2020, 12:22 PM

It’s not usual to see Demo Tape or Demo CDs being released today, only by those that have a romantic vie of things. Modern technologies allow bands to do better releases, not having to deal with the worst conditions possible. But there are those who risk their works doing things in ways that could be good in the past. That’s what the Israeli duet DEATHSIEGE does on “Unworthy Adversary”, their second Demo CD. Musically, they do a Death/Black Metal mix between influences from names as BOLT THROWER, old GOD DETHRONED and ANGELCORPSE. But there are some touches from Black/Thrash Metal as well. And besides they still have a way to go, their work shows a fast and furious approach, with good rhythmic changes and a massive dose of aggressiveness filled a personal energy. It’s really good, indeed.

But the band lay to waste all their very good musical efforts with a nasty sonority. Their music needs more, because it’s raw beyond the point, with a nasty set of instrumental tunes (especially on the drums) that aren’t the right ones for their musical work. Maybe on their next release, they can have a better producer, to give them the right tips of how making things work on behalf of their own music. Their songs are short, so the listeners will never get bored, but they can use longer time spams in the future (some short songs, but some longer, to create a good set of contrasts). For now, the virulent “Poisonous Worlds” (very good riffs), “Dolor Aeternam” (another fast song, but with some Black/Thrash rhythmic contrasts), “Unworthy Adversary” (another one with very good Black/Thrash rhythmic contrasts, and fine vocals using a way similar to the one of Pete Helmkamp), and “Siege of Death” are the ones for knowing their work.

A better sound production on the next time, and evolving a little more, and DEATHSIEGE will be poised to unleash hell on earth. For now, “Unworthy Adversary” is a good sample of a beginning band.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Drowned by Murderous Force
2. Poisonous Worlds
3. Dolor Aeternam
4. Unworthy Adversary
5. Infiltrate Victimize Exemplify
6. Siege of Death
7. Victorious Dead
J.S. - Vocals, Guitars
A.M. - Drums, Guitars
Record Label: Dawnbreed Records


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