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Deathtale - The Origin of Hate

The Origin of Hate
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 27 December 2018, 9:51 AM

To create music in a level that can attract the attention of Metal fans today is not one of the easiest tasks of the world. The avalanche of releases that everyday are thrown above the heads of the fans (and of the writers) turns the work of becoming aware of is happening on music a hard task, in the same level of classic Hercules ones on Greek Mythology. And as a consequence, only those bands with names that are already knew by the fans earns the attention. It’s a pity that fact, because bands as DEATHTALE hidden in this kind of phenomena. Their album “The Origin of Hate” is a very good work that deserves the attention of the fans.

It’s an abrasive and greasy mix of modern Thrash Metal influences with an explosive Death Metal approach, and some elements from Hardcore and from modern genres of Metal as well. It’s violent and nasty but bearing an excellent technical level and some good melodies appears as well (especially during the guitar solos). The musical formula is not new at all, but in the way the band plays is extremely particular. On the sound quality: it’s very good. The producer of “The Origin of Hate” did a great work, finding the right balance between clarity, aggressiveness and weight that the band’s musical work needs. The instrumental tunes were chosen to be brutal, but in a way that the listener can understand what is being played.

“The Origin of Hate” bears 10 aggressive tracks (“The Dark One” is just an intro), and the harsh grasp of “Bloodgod” (excellent vocals are shown on it), the excellent melodic touch in some moments on “Origin of Hate” (very good bass guitar and drums presence), the catchy slow parts of “Embrace the Fire”, the modern melodies of “Seven Sins”, the sharp aggressive touch on “Walk Over Water”, and the catchy Groove influences on “Hell Exists” are the best moments of it. But all the songs are really good.

DEATHTALE is really a good band, and “The Origin of Hate” is a fine piece of Metal.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Dark One
2. Bloodgod
3. Born and Broken
4. Origin of Hate
5. Embrace the Fire
6. Unleash the Wolves
7. Seven Sins
8. Walk Over Water
9. The Heretic
10. Hell Exists
11. Hypocrite
Patrick Pieler - Vocals
Tom Kräutner - Drums
Phil Späth - Bass
Gili Gehring - Guitar
Arian "Ian" Rezaie - Guitar
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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