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Deathtale - Whole World Burns

Whole World Burns
by V.Srikar at 27 August 2016, 6:15 PM

Thrash has many forms and themes, with Death and pain being some of the most sought after ones.  Thus, keeping that in mind, Austrian Thrash Metal band DEATHTALE have released their 2nd full-length album “Whole World Burns” this February, and it looks quite interesting.

The album starts on a promising note with the very impressive “The Fallen”. The song is full of fast paced Thrash riffs. The solos are unique and fast, and the vocals are of the typical nasty growling Thrash variety, which borders on Death Metal. I am unable to compare the band’s sound to any other famous Thrash band simply because DEATHTALE’s sound here seems to be quite unique without trying to sound too Progressive.

Flesh For Sale” keeps up the tempo and momentum by continuing to blast fast and heavy Thrash. There are shades of Groove Metal in the riffs, but it’s mostly angry In-Your-Face Thrash. “From Hell” sounds like a fast paced Thrash version of a SYSTEM OF A DOWN song, but with more insane Thrashy riffs. “Everything Changes” is an anthemic song with lots of melodic guitar work sprinkled all over the track. The song is unique because it brings in keyboards and synthetic guitar work into play and this interplay makes for an interesting number; although it does lose its Thrash essence in it.

The synthetic guitar work and the guitar tapping gets even more prevalent in “Before Blood Flows”; even as the band blasts neck breaking riffs in quick succession. “Deathmachine” serves its title perfectly with some insanely cool riffs, with the growling vocals elevating the song to a whole new level. “Whole World Burns” is another chaotic fast paced Thrash song sprinkled with some Prog phases.

Honestly speaking, the more I dig this album, the more I feel that this album has potential to really impress many of the listeners…however, it’s just not doing it for the conservative Metalhead in me. “Phoenix Theory” is a song that you will want to play if you wanted to just start a mosh pit anywhere and everywhere you go. “Warpath” is another chaotic Brutal Thrash song that just runs through your ears. “Into The Abyss” is very similar in nature to “Phoenix Theory” and feels like a song that you would be playing before entering into a physical fight with someone. The aptly titled “Silent Eulogy” is a 2:23-minute slow song with just a few riffs being played in a melodic, languid manner. It’s so different that it’s hard to believe that this song is by the same band. The album ends with an energetic and angry Thrash anthem “From Hell Deutsch”, which has lyrics in both Deutsch and English, and is an interesting way to end this album.

This album is very impressive in terms of its unique style of Thrash and the unexpected slower parts. It has its issues with regards to production and excessive length - having 12 songs on it - but all in all it is an album that seasoned Thrashers will surely appreciate.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

  1. The Fallen
  2. Flesh For Sale
  3. From Hell
  4. Everything Changes
  5. Before Blood Flows
  6. Deathmachine
  7. Whole World Burns
  8. Phoenix Theory
  9. Warpath
  10. Into The Abyss
  11. Silent Eulogy
  12. From Hell Deutsch
Tom Kräutner - Drums
Phil Späth - Bass
Patrick Pieler - Vocals
Arian Rezaie - Guitar
Record Label: Terrasound Records


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