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Debauchery - Fuck Humanity Award winner

Fuck Humanity
by Chelsea Jennings at 01 September 2015, 12:57 AM

DEBAUCHERY is a Death Metal band from Stuttgard, Germany. DEBUACHERY were formed in 2000, and began under the name MAGGOTCUNT, but the name was soon changed to DEBAUCHERY. DEBAUCHERY have currently released their latest release titled "Fuck Humanity" via Massacre Records.

DEBAUCHERY play a heavy, uncompromising style of Death Metal on their latest album titled "Fuck Humanity". "Fuck Humanity" is a brilliant concept album about an army of over 10,000 demons who come from the underworld (hell), and made life here on earth a living hell for everyone left on this planet. Life as they knew it ended, and was replaced by a hell many could never even imagine.

"My Religion Is Hate" opens the album and pours out all of the anger and frustration that fuels the entire takeover of the planet by these demons from the underworld. Humanity has seen its day, and the hate spawned in this army that are "Kneel(ing) Before The Dragon Gods" to try to show some sort of loyalty to their "religion of hate" spawned deep in the dark depths of hell below this earth. "Gorezilla" depicts the blood-bath that occurs when these demons are unleashed on this earth, and they kill all of the people left on this planet as they unleash a living hell that they have invaded. Title track "Fuck Humanity" basically explains all of the hate that is behind this invasion of the planet, and the goal of these demons to bring humanity down to crash and burn upon itself as they take over everything in/on this earthly realm. "King Of The Killing Zone" is a victory-anthem of sorts stating that the demons have taken over the planet earth that has turned into their killing zone, and not domineer and control the entire human race. The closer track "To Hell" states how DEBAUCHERY succeeded in bringing their personal hell to this earth, and have unleashed it on the humans remaining here on this planet. Hell has officially come to earth.

DEBAUCHERY's brilliant concept album "Fuck Humanity" is accompanied by growling, groveling vocals and skull-crushing drums, and guitar riffs that are associated with the break-neck speeds they are being played at. The entire heavy sound suits Death Metal very well. Combined with the brilliant concepts of "Fuck Humanity" DEBAUCHERY have a masterpiece here that will carry them far in their musical careers.

4 Star Rating

1. My Religion Is Hate
2. Ironclad Declaration Of War
3. Kneel Before The Dragon Gods
4. Horezilla
5. German Warmachine
6. Murderbrute Minotaurs
7. Fuck Humanity
8. For The Emporer
9. King Of The Killing Zone
10. The Horror Of The Forest
11. Zombie Extermination Crusader
12. To Hell
Thomas "The Bloodbeast" Gurrath - Vocals & Guitars
Dennis "The Bloodpriest" Ward - Bass
Oliver "The Bloodhammer" Zellman - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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