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Debbie Ray - Slave to the Music

Debbie Ray
Slave to the Music
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 28 October 2017, 11:58 AM

I believe that mutations happen in the musical world as a demand of nature and a result the evolution of humanity. Nothing stays in the past forever, and everything in music goes into the future, without asking anyone opinions. This is the case of “Slave to the System”, the new album from Swedish trio DEBBIE RAY.

Their musical work is a modern form of Glam Metal/Hard Rock, but the scent of modern Pop Rock is too evident. We can say that in some moments we have that feel that they play “music for teenagers”, due the Pop influence I mentioned above. But it is nothing bad at all, because they know how to make an energetic and accessible musical work. Obviously, it isn’t the newest thing on Earth, but has its values.

“Slave to the System” has a very good sound quality, showing that everything was done with care, everything to make their music sound loud, with the needed touch of aggressiveness, but making all their melodies becoming evident on all songs. So, we can say that they did a fine job in the studio, and the instrumental tunes were chosen wisely.

Sometimes sounding as nasty as MOTLEY CRUE on the quartet earlier days, on other times with melodies in the same vein of SKID ROW on their first album, but still with some charming and accessible melodies, DEBBIE RAY shows to be a promising band on songs as the accessible melodies of “American Nightmare”, the heavy guitar riffs of the nasty “Slave to the System”, the Hard’n’Heavy scent that fills “All We Need is Rock N’Roll”, the bitter guitar riffs of “Way Out of Wasteland” (these guys know how to play heavy) and of “Beautiful Monday” (here with a good work from bass guitar and drums as well), and the nasty and bitter Hard Rock blow of “Find Myself”. But they have a lot of ballads on the album, just one or two would do the job.

A good work, but leave these ballads aside, please…

Originality: 6
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. American Nightmare
2. Slave to the System
3. All We Need is Rock N’Roll
4. Too Late to Pray
5. Made to Cry
6. Way Out of Wasteland
7. Sorry!
8. Beautiful Monday
9. Promises
10. Find Myself
11. Gotta Get It Right
12. Living Without You
Reine Heyer - Vocals, Guitars
Andreas Heleander - Guitars
H-Can - Drums 
Record Label: Metalapolis Records


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