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Decadence - Six Tape Award winner

Six Tape
by James Brizuela at 07 January 2020, 5:59 AM

DECADENCE is a melodic thrash band from Sweden. Originally formed in 2003, they released their first demo in 2004, titled “Land of Despair”. With a plethora of full-length albums, DECADENCE positioned themselves as a DIY thrash staple over the last 15+ years. They return to the fold with their new full-length album, “Six Tape”. DECADENCE has released a monster of an album in “Six Tape”. Their unrelenting thrash attacks completely drowns you with full-force power. The vile and raw vocal prowess of Kitty Saric punishes your ears with pure hatred and violence. The sounds of KREATOR and ARCH ENEMY when helmed by Angela Gossow fill my brain, but with a much grittier sound.  There is this sense of pure melody and musicianship provided by guitarist Kenneth Lantz, that is the cherry on top.

I haven’t quite heard a thrash band with this much melodic sensibilities. The sound is beauty, violence, and rawness all in one. The opening track and title track for the album, “Six Tape” kicks off the album in pure speed-demon totality. The thrash attack is non-stop as it smashes all the senses. The vocals from Kitty Taric cut like a knife, as you are completely blasted by the drumming and guitar playing. The backing vocals offering another level of hatred to already in-depth sound. What is interesting is the melodic sounds that emanate throughout the track. This is what makes me so in love with the sound of DECADENCE. I find myself not only appreciating the brutality of the music, but the nod to the melodic side of metal as well. Not all the tracks have to be pure fire and brimstone either. They slow the tempo down on occasion to allow that melodic musicianship to shine, like in “Latex Rituals”. Even in the tempo changing, it offers more of an old-school death metal sound before returning to the melodic side. There is some killer guitar soloing in the track as well.

I love the brutal backing vocals that just add that extra punch of power to them, like in “Red Façade Hotel”. It’s not enough that the vocals are already brutal from Kitty Taric, but the backing vocals return to level you once again. There are even hints of an almost prog-like sound to the already enriching sound of DECADENCE. “Trinity” brings in the more prog sound, complete with the melodic and brutal backing vocals returning. There is so much to appreciate about the musicianship in this album. The constant tempo changes, melodic undertones, and pure brutality coming in so well-rounded. “Something More” showcases quite a few level changes in melody and tempo while offering an incredible softer opening, something I wasn’t expecting to hear. I would have to say that my favorite tracks on the album are “Exposure” and “In Natura”. Not just because of the pure adrenaline thrash attack, or the insane guitar soloing, but I feel this is where Kitty Taric really hits her stride vocally. You can hear the pure rawness and power emanating from her, it is quite impressive.

There isn’t much more things I can say about this amazing album that DECADENCE has released. “Six Tape” is one of the best thrash albums I have heard in recent memory, and it should be on everyone’s “best of” list. This is a monster of an album and I think myself lucky for having been able to talk about it. I am now a huge fan of this band, and so should you be.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Six Tape
2. Latex Rituals
3. Red Façade Hotel
4. Trinity
5. Lo Badland
6. Something More
7. Exposure
8. In Natura
9. Tighter
Kenneth Lantz – Guitars, Bass
Kitty Saric – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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