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Decapitated – Carnival Is Forever

Carnival Is Forever
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 04 August 2011, 1:07 AM

It took them five years, a couple of DVDs, a live album, a tribute compilation to their departed drummer, Vitek (R.I.P.) and almost a completely new lineup, but they finally made another one to add to their discography. DECAPITATED, the technical Death Metal act from the Polish lands, stormed the new decade with another savvy punch to the face. "Carnival Is Forever" is sort of way, as I saw it, to make sure that every Metalhead that truly knows the band's work, and even others that haven't had the chance yet to examine their style and playing skills, that their fist of Death Metal is alive and well for another decade.

DECAPITATED, in many ways, always reminded me of a technical version of PANTERA and MACHINE HEAD.  If you want something that is even closer, both harsher and brutal in the same way, you might compare DECAPITATED to their countrymen, VADER. The only thing that actually differed the two is basically the production orientation and the perception of sound. "Carnival Is Forever”, released via Nuclear Blast Records, was produced by the hands of Wacek Kieltyka, Daniel Bergstrand and engineer Malta Malczewski. In overall, the end result, at least when it came to sound, was startling.

When the material is concerned, as DECAPITATED saw it through the lyrical section, is all that surrounded evil and the bad habits that has been lurking for years within our societies and regretfully no matter what this situation is going to remain forever in our midst. The musical section was rather normal to the band's standards. DECAPITATED always showcased their utmost talents on playing complex Death Metal. Throughout the album they mixed old and new school in a way that their extreme progression will be sufficient for every extreme fan. However, beyond being atrocious as they always seem to be, DECAPITATED presented a small dosage of calmness that progressed into another kind of monster. That sort of structure can be heard on their high quality "A View From A Hole", a song that really had its way on giving a kind of chill. I think that this one of the peak moment in the band's outputs to date. I can also recommend the instrumental "Silence" that acted as its title as a semi acoustic with a nice rhythm.

Nevertheless, when I wanted something a lot brutal out of these guys, I only came to truly like two of that came out of this tracklist. The opening "The Knife" and its follower "United" stood up as wonderful progressive Death Metal combustions filled with intense riffs that included also a great, yet minimal to my taste, lead guitar section, a crude vocal line and seriously amazing drumming that exploded right in my face. Unlike many bands that try to implement their music in the commercialized form, DECAPITATED is the other way around with their complexities.

"Carnival Is Forever", the band's fifth release, came out to continue the band's path as they intended it to be. I can't ignore the member's great playing talents as those are formidable. However, with their high caliber efforts, most of the material, on its diversity, was decent and nothing more than that. I hope for something better next time around.

3 Star Rating

1.The Knife
3.Carnival Is Forever
4.Homo Sum
6.A View from a Hole
Rafael Piotrowski– Vocals
Vogg– Guitars
Heinrich – Bass
Krimh- Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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