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Decasia - An Endless Feast for Hyenas Award winner

An Endless Feast for Hyenas
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 07 July 2022, 5:48 AM

Dealing with different musical forms is not an easy task for the fans since the early days of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The first releases of names as THE BEATLES, CREAM, THE WHO, BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN, JIMI HENRIX and others were hard to be swallowed by the fans due the intrinsic experimental appeal of them, but as time passed by, their importance became greater and greater in a form that can’t be denied, so one must have care when dealing with something unusual. And it’s what one must do when hearing to “An Endless Feast for Hyenas”, the first album of the French trio DECASIA.

One could mistake their work by labeling it as Stoner Rock, but it’s not a fair way to deal with it. It’s melodic and organic, but many experimental parts can be heard inherited of Grunge Rock, Noise Rock and many others due the band’s eclectic insight on music. It’s really a different and personal insight that tries the listeners, because it’s full of hooks, but things can change from one moment to the other. It’s not hard to be swallowed by its melodic appeal, but it demands attention to have the real picture of what their music stands for. The album was recorded and mixed by the hands of Thomas de Fraguier, while the mastering was signed by Erwan Le Mao. They gave the right sonority for the band, because it enables their ideas to flow in a way that is understandable, but keeping the organic and filthy aspect of their music intact. Yes, it really sounds in a great way.

“Illion” is a catchy mix between influences from 60’s Rock, Punk Rock and Grunge, based on a simple technical work (but with excellent guitar riffs), as “Hrosshveli's Ode” shows a darker and oppressive appeal that reminds BLACK SABBATH in some moments (especially due some ‘osbournean’ tunes of the vocals). On “Cloud Sultan” some Grunge Rock (due the organic and filthy weight provided by bass guitar and drums) and Indie Rock influences can be heard, and the same appears on the melodies of “Override”. “Laniakea Falls” has some very good deeper landscaping parts inherited from 70’s Hard Rock, and “Sunrise” storms with a heavy classic weight of early Heavy Metal forms.

One can ask if “An Endless Feast for Hyenas” is a good release or not, but the best to do is to hear loudly what DECASIA is up to, especially if the reader is used to different insights in music.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Illion
2. Hrosshveli’s Ode
3. Altostratus
4. Cloud Sultan
5. Override
6. Skeleton Void
7. Soft Was the Night
8. Laniakea Falls
9. Sunrise
10. Hyenas at the Gates
Maxime Richard - Guitars, Vocals
Fabien Proust - Bass, Synth
Geoffrey Riberry - Drums
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds


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