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Decemberance - Inside

by Dimitris Karametros at 21 May 2010, 10:05 AM

Any accomplishment that your own country makes in regards to the music you love makes you feel proud, at least so do I. I have a certain naivety about these matters that make me overlook the grotesque facts that lurk behind the scenes, and honestly I do not care as long as good music is played. DECEMBERANCE is a Greek band and plays good music.

Formed back in 1997 with a few lineup changes, the band has released two demos up until now, when they managed to release their first full length album called “Inside”. The last year was very interesting: I managed to see live and to listen to many Greek bands that actually take their music very serious. DECEMBERANCE is the latest band and they immediately made an impression on me through the variety of their sound. The band moves in the fringe between Doom and Death, with a professional ability found in older - more album wise - established bands. Early ANATHEMA, MORBID ANGEL even ROTTING CHRIST come to mind listening to the songs of the album. A very good composition and production, amplifies the mood and the power of the album and if I didn’t read first the band’s history I would believe that this was their fifth or sixth CD.

The sound is unique in that they manage to mix Doom and Death sounds with more experimental motives…wait…“Inside” is no Emo-core American bullshit that mixes everything in a bullshit salad. These people are serious musicians and their music is even more serious, slow brooding and deadly heavy is their sound, there are times that this heaviness is broken by the sorrowful and nostalgic ambience of keys or the use of a more classical instrument only to enter again the dark maelstrom of DECEMBERANCE’s music.

The only thing that got me tired was the length of the songs that was a little too much for me, yet there are so many changes inside each song that holds your interest firm. Another problem in lengthy songs is that there is no trademark song that you can fully remember, but I don’t think that it matters so much in the way that you will want to listen to this album again and again.

Great work, and great work for the Greek scene in general, DECEMBERANCE is a band that has much to give and play in the future. Next thing is to see them live.

3 Star Rating

  1. Time
  2. Rain
  3. Anxiety Grasps Our Perspective
  4. A Common Winter
  5. Sunset
  6. Premonition
Manos Kousourlis - Guitars
Yannis Filippaios - Drums, Vocals
Yiannis Aktypis - Guitars
Alexandros Vlahos - Keyboards
Charis Ntinos - Bass
Nickos Paraskeuas - Viola, Violin
Tasos Hatzipanagos - Visuals
Francesca Metallinou - Cello
Yannis Koulalis - Bass
Record Label: I For An I Records


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