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Dee Snider - Leave a Scar Award winner

Dee Snider
Leave a Scar
by Kevin Lewis at 15 September 2021, 2:25 PM

Dee Snider is back! Since TWISTER SISTER decided to stop touring, he has remained busy writing and recording, working social media, radio, etc. Leave A Scar is the follow up to the 2018 album For The Love Of Metal. Released on July 30, 2021 via Napalm Records, "Leave A Scar" is a blistering record full of classic Dee Snider angst and anthemic lyrical content, but with heavier riffs and faster drums.

The record kicks off with the “I Gorra Rock (Again).” This is a heavy song. The scream at the start is more primal than most of what TWISTED SISTER put out. This is definitely the heavier side of Snider. The riff is faster and races through the song. This is not melodic, AOR angst, it’s full-on metal angst. The solos shred, the bass pounds, the drums absolutely crush. There is more cursing on this. It is not the radio friendly sound from before.

Before I Go” is a little less intense, but still heavy. The riff is solid and the rhythm chugs along at a furious pace. The chorus is immensely chantable. Speaking of seeing life through the eyes of angels, it gives a different perspective. It talks about being judged by those you save. There is a bit of a spiritual theme to this. The bridge lets you know you need to act, not think, do, not rationalize inaction.

For a change of pace, “Crying For Your Life” takes the tempo down at the beginning, but you know it’s going to get heavier just from the amount of grit in his voice, and it doesn’t take long. The main body of the song kicks in and the guitars go crazy. The rhythm ramps up and takes on a new attitude. Slower than some of the other songs through the verses, the chorus makes up for that by going a little harder. Once again, we have a song that varies in its’ feel and intensity as only the king of anthemic angst rock songs can do.

Now comes the fun song. “Time To Choose” is nothing short of lyrical dominance. Adding the screams of the legendary George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, there is more attitude and a new way to worship at the Dee Snider altar of Metal. The fry vocals, paired with Snider going to the top end of his range during a particularly good harmony, gives a new level of brutality to this record. Heavier than most of the other songs, this is the standout.

Wrapping the record up is “Stand.” This is the other end of the spectrum. It sounds a little like a power ballad musically, but then you hear the words extolling you to go farther than before. As the chorus says, “Stand for something, Show who you are, Stand up, Don’t leave a mark, Leave a scar.” This is not about sparing someone’s feelings, it’s about telling the absolute truth.

This record is for the fans, not the radio stations. The attitude is amped up, the feeling is grittier and angrier. This is not a record to make you feel a little angry while shaking your fist at the establishment. This is the one that wants you to go out in the streets and yell, to demand things change. This is more active protest than passive complaining. Don’t sit back and tap your foot, get up and bang your freaking head!

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. I Gotta Rock (Again)
2. All or Nothing More
3. Down but Never Out
4. Before I Go
5. Open Season
6. Silent Battles
7. Crying for Your Life
8. In for The Kill
9. Time to Choose
10. S.H.E.
11. The Reckoning
12. Stand
Dee Snider – Vocals
Russell Pzutto – Bass
Nick Bellmore – Drums
Charlie Bellmore – Guitar
Nick Petrino – Guitar
Record Label: Napalm Records


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