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Deeds Of Flesh - Trading Pieces (Reissue)

Deeds Of Flesh
Trading Pieces (Reissue)
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 16 November 2022, 1:59 PM

There are classic Metal bands that have a cult status: they can never be as great and famous as some acts, but have a set of faithful followers. And maybe they aren’t as respected as they deserve, but no one can deny their importance for the foundations of a specific Metal subgenre. This is the case of the legendary of the Californian home-based band DEEDS OF FLESH, a living legend into Brutal Death Metal. And one can ask the need for a reissue of their first album, “Trading Pieces”, but the album itself answers to this question.

Before all, the value of the album is justified by the music it bears: an embryonic form of Brutal Death Metal, with an excellent technical approach, with complex tempos changes, and stating elements that many bands of the genre uses today. It’s obvious that the album isn’t presenting the band in the same level of some of their classic releases. But it doesn’t mean that this frantic and brutal Death Metal mass isn’t good, it’s the opposite: one can check their importance for the sedimentation of Brutal Death Metal as the album plays. The sonority is what one can expect from a release of 1996: a set of instrumental tunes focused on brutality, but allowing the production to create something defined and that can be easily understood by any fan of the genre without problems. The band could learn to explore better the studio possibilities in the future, but the final result of this first work is very good, indeed.

It’s not easy to deal with a classic album especially after 26 years of its original release. But the fans will have the pleasure to hear once more to massive Brutal Death Metal onslaughts as “Carnivorous Ways” (where some technical rhythmic shifts of bass guitar and drums will bring to mind influences of acts as MORBID ANGEL during “Covenant” age), “Born Then Torn Apart” (many extreme Metal hooks can be detected on the guitar riffs and arrangements), “Trading Pieces” (the ferocious approach with rhythms changing from fast parts to slow moments is really something very good), “Impious Offerings” (the Death Metal hooks show on this one are amazing, and what good low grunts can be heard contrasting with screams), “Deeds of Flesh” (another massive hymn of the band), and “Chunks in the Shower”. After listening to them, one can understand the meaning of this reissue for sure. Oh, and it’s dedicated to the memory of Erik Lindmark, who passed away in 2018.

“Trading Pieces” is now available for DEEDS OF FLESH younger fans, so get it as fast as you can, before they sell every copy of it!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Carnivorous Ways
2. Born Then Torn Apart
3. Trading Pieces
4. Hunting Humans
5. Impious Offerings
6. Acid Troops
7. Deeds of Flesh
8. Erected on Stakes
9. Chunks in the Shower
10. Blasted
11. Outro
Erik Lindmark - Guitars, Vocals
Jacoby Kingston - Bass, Vocals
Joey Heaslet - Drums
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death


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