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Deep Machine - Whispers In The Black

Deep Machine
Whispers In The Black
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 11 March 2013, 1:51 PM

DEEP MACHINE, from East London, delivers a short EP with a lot of vision abiding to the early IRON MAIDEN material back when Paul Dianno fronted. It is nice to hear that the spirit of NWOBHM has been living among them.

The production succeed to surprise me, it is exactly the type of NWOBHM vibe with a wide guitar sound and drums that sound exactly the same as in the beginning of the 80s. After all this band did forge in 1979, in a time where British Metal arose to power. This band’s story shows that against all odds they didn't give in. After 27 years that they haven't played together they decided to rock again.

"Whispers In The Black”, the self-titled effort is the first presentation of the band’s new frontman, Lenny Baxter, producing amazing clean vocals. “Iron Cross” sounded like a military anthem, especially when the entire band acknowledges in the chorus.
The drumming on this track is one of its powerhouses. Listening to the third, “Killer”, made me think of SAXON with Rob Halford on vocals as the intro high pitch opened the song. I liked the great guitar harmonies and that little break that made a twist, creating an interest and suspension right before the guitar solo.

DEEP MACHINE is totally for any Rocker. It took me back to the time when I was exposed to early ANGEL WITCH material along with IRON MAIDEN and DIAMOND HEAD. I really hope to hear some more material from them cause' the EP is too short – only 3 songs.

3 Star Rating

1. Whispers In The Black
2. Iron Cross
3. Killer
Bob Hooker - Guitar
Chas Towler - Drums
Lenny Baxter - Vocals
John Riley - Bass
Nick “Beast” East - Guitar
Record Label: High Roller Records


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