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Deep Memories - Rebuilding The Future

Deep Memories
Rebuilding The Future
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 October 2018, 1:20 AM

Being a relic off one of the promising Black / Death Metal bands in Brazil, DESDOMINUS, didn’t seem to be a part of the game when multi-instrumentalist, Douglas Martins, decided to start over on his own. Emerging as DEEP MEMORIES, helped to reintroduce some of the key elements and talent that made the early days of DESDOMINUS colorful along with a new vision of extreme Metal.

Launching his debut album “Rebuilding The Future”, via various of labels, in Brazil being Heavy Metal Rock, rehashed the early 90s collision of Doom, Gothic and Death Metal. Not that there aren’t many, and it's never enough I guess, examples out there that have been justifying the era, but like any band or artist, each has its own uniqueness. In the case of this particular album, you can never go wrong when a suffering extreme Metal piece of quality is laying at your very fingers.

What I liked about the album, besides the obvious depth into agony and the eroding of the human mental condition, is the created harmony of aggression and atmospheric melody. Martins instiaged nostalgia of early PARADISE LOST / MY DYING BRIDE, while walking the walk of later IN THE WOODS…. He glorified his themes with aggressive riffery and intoxicating crushing melodies that will bring old schoolers tears while demonstrating pungent guttrals to the side of heart piercing singing. In addition, in order to achieve dramatic peak, the implementation of choirs was no less than a must, and those were done to near perfection.

Listening to the album, I figured that these aren’t songs, but rather darkened poems. Such poems that ensures nuances that could easily penetrate the human soul, reminding that there is black to every white, depression to every happiness. Through “The Bitter Taste of Illusion”, “Suffocating Grayish Darkness” and “Looking at the Black Mirror” I found patches of different realities, places where I could access the darkest emotions while remaining staggered by the soundtrack playing. Surely that you might think that every album of such would, or should, inflict upon the listener the same arousing emotions, but in the end, as I always say, it is how you do it, how to channel the message in the best of ways.

I conjure that DEEP MEMORIES is a solid proof, and possibly not a frequent example, that there is a substantial extreme Metal armory being forged in the underground that could step on the toes of the hotshots. Be sure to take in “Rebuilding The Future”.

4 Star Rating

1. When the Time for My Last Breath Comes
2. Suffocating Grayish Darkness
3. There Is No End
4. Between Two Dimensions
5. Looking at the Black Mirror
6. The Bitter Taste of Illusion
7. Explicit Way to Relieve Pain
8. Erased Directed Mindsets
Douglas Martins - All Instruments / Vocals
Record Label: Heavy Metal Rock


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