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Defacement - Defacement

by Craig Rider at 04 October 2021, 6:29 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DEFACEMENT; signed via I, Voidhanger, hailing from Netherland grounds - performing Death/Black Metal, on their sophomore self-titled release: "Defacement" (released September 3rd, 2021). Since formation in 2019; the quartet in question have only 2 Full-length albums in their discography so far: "Deviant" (released January 12th, 2019), and this here second release entitled: "Defacement". 8 tracks ranging at around 40:14, DEFACEMENT arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death/Black Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with this ominous malformation on majestic but an eerily haunting hymn; "Limbo I" begins the record with deadly ambience in an atmospheric filled landscape in a graveyard lair as a possessive ritual unleashes predominately with moody banishment - intensely fabricating an aggressively fuelled harmony within "Shattered". An amorphis of sorts transpires throughout this record; scattered with ten minute barrages in blasphemy contorted oblivion, where sulfurous remedies skyrocket with wildly rushing momentum on savagely sinister manifestations of malignant abominations in blistering gnarliness. A distorted calamity in brutally berserking conundrums belt a bruising flair on jarring melody, that thunders with razor-sharp triggers in a borderline foundation on punchy maelstrom ramifications that surge with clobbering grit and concrete deathliness.

Consisting of Rotib Ristinda on vocals; the front man excels at a hardened slab of solid yet raspy throatiness that snarls with roaring growls, guttural grovels & bellowing harls that conjures an aggressively grunty execution as a fierce echo on roaring, blood-curdling malice that unapologetically shouts with yelling weight. "Limbo II" is another operatic interlude before a groovy rift within "Disavowed" subjugates this organically driving grind that slays with piercing yet volatile mayhem, where profusely robust synergies shred with rampantly rompy meatiness from guitar firepower fretter Bondan Adi. Expertly crafting this strong pummel on dexterously hefty bludgeonings that ruthlessly quake with monsterous pandemonium, crunchy chunkiness and snaring stability – throughout this swerving scour of gruesomely dark tonality.

This monolithic spectrum on cavernous and corrupt but dissonantly harrowing Blackened Death Metal showcases raw malevolence on this otherworldly backdrop in frightening hypnotism on visceral versatility of vehement utilisations that marvel with terrifying soundscapes, towering might & oppressively dark disillusion of repulsive songwriting musicianship (of the good kind of course). "Limbo III" & "Limbo IV" seem to all give the listener a brief moment of reprieve which may come across as pointless within this sub-genre but it does add a sense of spellbinding trepidation.

"Disenchanted" immensely chisels thumpy tightness from audible bassist Danank who rambunctiously piledrives with malignance force also from hammering drummer Real Tandy, both construct a distinctively distinguished bombardment in berserking thuds on sturdy retribution that portrays radically wicked tempos that weren't designed for the faint of heart - nor created for enthrallment of positive music listening - this was made with the intention to make your day darker & dreams more potently vibrant with tormenting anguish, if you can't fade down any intrusive thought patterns that is - give this rotten slice a go beforehand…it'll help dissolve that I'm sure.

Overall concluding "Defacement" with the final banger "Wounded"; unbound chugs frolic, gallop and intensely speed thrash with ripping momentum while steamrolling with rigorous mobility… salubriously merging the seamless passages of grueling blackness and the rapidly swift nimbleness of mountainous but hostile environments that your speakers get bloodsoaked with profusely. While 4 tracks are a 1 minute assimilation in a kind of melancholic verse, the other 4 are stampeding revs that tremble with quaking pursuits on persistent perseverance, within drony death loops and blitzkrieg armageddon.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that DEFACEMENT culminates a furious profanity on two sub-genres that converge into one joint ramification massively well - nothing but extreme doses in alarming gravitation haunts eardrums with virtuose lethalness. An enjoyable discovery that will welcome enthusiasts in these sub-genres greatly, a daunting experiment in not so hybrid ghouliness but a desecration of slaughter on vicious material that will stomp your soul into hellish havoc - check it out.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Limbo I
2. Shattered
3. Limbo II
4. Disavowed
5. Limbo III
6. Disenchanted
7. Limbo IV
8. Wounded
Rotib Ristinda - Vocals
Bondan Adi - Guitars
Danank - Bass
Real Tandy - Drums
Record Label: I, Voidhanger Records


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